Friday, March 25, 2005

Spare a thought for those whose lives do not allow the amassing of political capital.

Hey, President Bush! Bill Frist! Hey Christian activists! We've got a kid right here in DC who actually is fighting for his life! Who doesn't want to die! So let's gather up the posse! Time to move heaven and earth.

Let's see, I'll need some speeches--Frist, call Harry over and let's get DeLay working this from the House side. Keep the President informed, but let's not have him make any kind of direct appeal yet--it'll look like the masses of concerned individuals gathering in DC are ineffectual. So just a brief statement of concern, furrowed brow...that sort of thing. Once the talking is done, you leaders and whips should get moving on a resolution--I'm thinking a joint Congressional--it'll bring the community out.

Now, some of you Christian activists--you guys know a Nobel Prize nominated neurologist? It's a head injury, so let's definitely bring him on board. Your deep coffers are going to make a huge difference--even so, it's big guns time! I'm thinking we need to get Heritage, FRC and Focus briefed. And the blogosphere! Can't believe I almost forgot! They'll drive the momentum to help keep this boy alive! I'm thinking Polipundit, maybe Malkin, LGF--

Uh, guys?

Umm. What's the matter? Why isn't anybody moving?

You're with me on this, right? Because there may not be enough time...let's charge, people! Let's--what?

Yeah. The kid was from Columbia Heights. So?

Well, I don't know, frankly! But, certainly, the people that live there tend to be...

Well...yeah! What does it matter? We--

Oh. I see. So you won't be joining--uh huh. Not even...?

OK. Well. I guess get back to whatever it was you were doing.


Mike said...

DCeiver, did you notice--in the details of The Post article on the shooting--that the shooting took place at 9:50pm? What the hell was a 9-year-old kid doing playing outside at almost 10pm? I couldn't even get away with that in a cookie-cutter suburban sub-division when I was 9-years-old. What was this kid doing outside, in the city, at that hour? And it was a weeknight. Maybe he was on spring break and allowed to stay up late; I guess his parents/gaurdians were on vacation too. Actually, I see now that the article says "Before the shooting started, the child's mother had just left the spot and was returning to her apartment." Maybe there was another parent out there watching him but, even with an army of parents watching, who keeps their kids outside that long after dark in the city?

My first concern here is whether or not the boy is ok; it sounds like he is in bad shape as of right now and I hope he pulls through. This incident is a tragedy and brings up the issue of gun violence again, but I also have to ask "What were the parents thinking and why was their kid playing outside in D.C. at 9:50pm?" I'm going to have to blog about this one.

The Deceiver said...

Point well taken.