Monday, March 28, 2005

Synergy steals us from loneliness

Some things out in the wide world for you to examine:

1. I
help out Senator Rick Santorum with some basic eighth-grade civics.
Take a look at the disturning logo of the Arlington Pediatric Center.

And in the DME:

  • So many of us pleaded, "Free Martha!" But now that we've seen how her arrest, trial, imprisonment and subsequent release, we realize something--it went exactly the way she drew it up! Martha Stewart: the new Coke of the 21st Century.
  • In college basketball, the Final Four has just been decided. But in our 2005 Bracket of Everything, we're just now finished seeding.
  • Reviews of: LCD Soundsystem, Electric Six, Robbers on High Street, Laurent Garnier, and many more, including the new awful, awful fucking record by The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower. Plus: new Coldplay song "Talk" is baby-gibberish genius.
  • And the Six of One and the Half Dozen of the other. you love or hate the new Diner redesign? Let your opinion be heard while this window of us pretending to care is open.


vodra said...

Do all the Diner links NEED to open in a new window?

The Deceiver said...

Yeah, we're getting some horrific feedback on that...

Anonymous said...

Please get rid of those new windows. It's hard enough to guess what kindof content I'm gonna even get when I click on "Mixed Grill Combo", but having to sort thorugh those open windows is just bad mojo.

If you MUST open new windows, you should just violate every rule of site design and give us a flash splash page with no "skip intro", play a sound that you cannot stop and have some popup advertising.