Thursday, March 03, 2005

Translating the Played Out Gurus, an Ongoing Chronicle of the Quixotic Gogblog: Daft junk is playing at their house.

Another week of GogBlog, and its mundanity makes it hard even to find highlights. I must admit, Maura continues to consistently set herself apart from this lame community of dabblers, probably simply because I buy her. She's got expertise. You read her posts and you feel confident that if you did want a guide to the art world, she'd school you, broaden your horizons. There is a sincerity there. Only rarely do the rest of this crew make me feel like I couldn't get better tips from any random person at Caribou Coffee.

Sadly, you click on the Goo's little keeping-the-standards-low space on the web, and you'll see nary a post from her. A real pity.

  • The movie coverage continues to be pure excrement, a parade of stiff rhetoric that always fails to excite. For the Oscars, they encourage their readers to go to blighted Silver Spring to an "Academy-sanctioned party"--whatever the fuck that means, at the AFI. Two total nobodies are highlighted as major attractions. The Goos aren't even going themsleves--Jen is dragging poor Maura into some office for an evening of keyboard jockeying. Lack of buzz is deafening. And somewhere between Jen's abysmal opening sentence and the BTO reference in her "review" of Be Cool, I realize--she's like the Onion's Jackie Harvey come to life!
  • This, apparently, was the best title for this post she could come up with. Embarrassing.
  • Joe might as well have posted a link to the fucking press release for these "mega tickets", but, you see, if he hadn't had the chance to write something totally fucking obvious (that traffic at Nissan Pavillion is bad, something even newborns know) his brain might have stopped working.
  • One restaurant closes and another opens, but don't worry, the Goos have no opinion on it whatsoever, just perplexing instructions...if you were a fan of the Pan-Asian, call and leave a message and you'll get free antipasto? Huh. Plus, Fritz: the work is "sneak."
  • Rhome's post is actually a good one, though Coolfer has already alerted the blogosphere to prepare to be underwhelmed by Fitty's new record, because there's a sad lack of love for DC's hiphoppers. Of course, anytime a deep DC music fan sees the phrase "Wammie Award WInner," three words come to mind: Can't trust it!
  • Inexplicable.
  • Don't think we don't know what nimrod posted the little diss in DCist today, jackass. By the way, nice post on Cloud, what, three weeks after DCist covered it? I thought I recognized that speck in the rearview!
  • All the same, thanks for walking into three bars we wouldn't allow our corpses to be dragged into. Was a field report from within T.S.Nutsacks even necessary? Was the pungent aroma of lame not obvious?

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