Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Woodall, Kamran, Park Police kick ass at the Velvet Lounge--Just Like I Said They Would!!

No disappointment last night at the Velvet Lounge, as hour-long sets from Brice Woodall, Paul Kamran and Park Police made Tuesday night all right for getting your Velvet Lounge on. DCeiver arrived early and chilled with the Wife of DCeiver and acclaimed iPod enthusiast P. Vo, freshly returned from a wild software goose chase in Princeton, before the show.

Previewing tomorrow's City Paper for you today--they are apparently penning an article on the culture of rock club hand stamps. A reporter for the CP interviewed wife of DCeiver at some length, as she regaled them on tales of hand-stampery past and present. We were sure to mention that the 930 clubs stamp is so inky that in a wash-off test between the 930 hand stamp and Mary Prankster's signature signed on the Wife of DCeiver's right titty, the hand stamp easily outlasted Mary's autograph, a fact that I think is kind of depressing.

I've now seen Brice Woodall twice playing solo acoustic with his good friend the drum machine, and once again, he was typically entrancing. He's just a stunning vocalist, and the Velvet Lounge's sound last night was at it's usual awesomeness. Brice just sounded magical in that space at times so gorgeously sad and yearning, his tunes are shot through with such a wonderful, fluttering tremor of vulnerability. Plus he's a really nice and gregarious guy to talk to, it's just impossible not to like him.

We noticed early on that the guy who ran sound last night--who dressed exceedingly dapper for his position, such respect he has for his work!--looked insanely like Jude Law. Hey, he's in every movie and he finds the time to twiddle the knobs at Velvet Lounge? Ubiquitcakes. And, just about EVERYONE agreed. And just about everyone stared back at him when I brought it up, which I think he noticed and it started to aggravate him. Sorry, Sky Captain. You kicked ass.

Paul Kamran was second. Now, I've known Paul a long time, so it's cool if you think I'm biased, but in his first appearance with his full band--you'll just have to believe me--it exceeded both my expectations AND my hopes to a significant degree. The new songs really sound fantastic with the band, even with the laptop broadcasting WTOP on some back channel frequency between songs. (What an innovation, it's like having a CNN news ticker at a rock show!) I gotta tell you, when they played their song "Bleeding Hearts", which I had never heard before, I practically lactated. Fucking awesome song. Right now, as far as pop songs by DC artists go, there's WSC's "Dead Kid Town", Paul's "Bleeding Hearts", and then everything else I seem to remember. You can press out that tune today.

Now, the band that backs Paul has no name of its own. But after last night, I think they definitely deserve one. And not the Paul Kamran Experience. Because I have absolutely no authority to do so, I say we name them here. Here are some choices:

Paul Kamran and the Flying Taunters of Disaster
Paul Kamran is Upward, Forward and Always Twirling...Twirling!
Paul Kamran and the Spare USB/MIDI Adapters
Paul Kamran and His Backwards K's
Paul Kamran and the Peace Corps Thrill Killers
Paul Kamran and the Mighty Cyrillic Bitches
Paul Kamran and the Mateen Cleaves
Paul Kamran and the Three People Who Will Get You Laid Tonight If Only You'd Have the Good Sense to Heed Their Advice
...or your idea.

Leave a comment.

The last band of the evening was Park Police, of whom I'd never heard but will make damn sure to hear again. Classic three-piece, all members trading off lead and backing vocals, the tunes showing fantastic range and stuffed to the gills with hooks and insane energy. It was so hard for me to pin down what they reminded me of--Built To Spill and Gang of Four and Spoon and even the Foo Fighters competed to be among the many folks they reminded me of. But even as a moving target, I have no trouble recommending Park Police to a friend. Paul had promised that they would be awesome and he was no liar. They have an album in the works that I'll be happy to keep people posted on. And for that matter, anyone who wants a six song sampler of last night's music, should let me know, there may be some left.

On top of all that, I had the good fortune to meet Wendy Harman and Mike Holden last night at the gig and had a great time talking with both. It'll be really nice looking forward to seeing both of you out and about in the future! In fact, as one final public service announcement, we at The DCeiver want to remind you that you need to leash your dogs! Even if you do own the Amsterdam Falafelshop! And you should not bring your cats into school cafeterias! Even if you are David Catania! There, I've said it! Let it be so!


catherine said...

i really wanted to make it out to that show, but figured i should check out cartel first. is paul going to be playing again anytime soon?

The Deceiver said...

There was some talk of a DC9 show, but I don't know where that is right now. But hopefully soon.

PK said...

"What an innovation, it's like having a CNN news ticker at a rock show!" You know, we aim to entertain and to inform... there's nothing like traffic and weather together on the eights to make sure you have a good drive home.

Catherine, I'll be playing solo at Staccato on April 20th (that's right, Wednesday night! wooooo!) as part of their Songwriter Series, which can best be described as a "series of shows involving songwriters." I guess that means I have to be all pretentious about my songs... like I'll start referring to them as people or something, like Tori Amos does. The solo thing is a lot different than the band thing, so hopefully we'll get the band out again sometime soon; we're working on it. How was the Cartel show? Their mp3s are great...

Thanks to everybody who came out, and good luck naming the band...

Anonymous said...

deceiver-pat from park police here. Paul pointed me to your site. Thanks for the kind words! I enjoyed your description of our definitely hit upon some of our influences in there! I will drop you a line when our CD is ready and send you one...hopefully, not too much longer. It's been recorded, just being mixed....and mixed....and mixed.

It was a blast playing with Paul (and his band) and Brice. Hope to do it again sometime in the future!

The Deceiver said...

My pleasure, Pat. Your set last night was white hot and you all definitely deserve some due attention. I really loved the way you all passed vocals song to song--it was like each of you were your band's secret weapon. Can't wait to see y'all again.

Mike said...

It was good to meet you as well, DCeiver. I was playing a show earlier and only caught Park Polce. I thought they rocked. I agree with you on Brice's voice; it's excellent. And I still have to catch Paul live sometime.