Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Big Yawn continues to embarrass.

Hey, 930 Club Forums! All is forgiven. The 930 Forums have come through with some agile observations and pointed, DCeiveresque harpooning today. Kudos to them.

Follow their lead and go to Big Yawn and check their review of Brendan Benson's The Alternative To Love. If you are a Brendan Benson fan, prepare to be amazed, because the review may as well be titled: "The Alternative to the Actual Biography of Brendan Benson." If not, make a note of the biographical details that "Chrish" cites and then browse out to the All Music Guide, where professional music writers live, and search for Brendan Benson.

Fucking clownshoes, man. Embarrassing.

Seriously, Big Yawn defenders: do you really think I'm being unfair?


Anonymous said...

Most amateur music critics have nothing to say about how the music sounds so they borderline plagiarize the artist bio for most of the review, taking stabs at the lyrics of a couple of songs. At least this review leaves no doubt as to what the album sounds like. It's possible, though unlikely, that it's sustained irony.

Anonymous said...

That was "sounds" instead "/*.

The Deceiver said...

Telling your readers that an artist from Detroit is actually British (a thesis the writer returns to again and again while being demonstrably false) is not sustained irony. It is sustained error and a sign that the writer isn't even able to do even the smallest scintilla of research.

Now, I've only heard a couple of tracks from this record, including "Feel Like Myself", which I'll readily admit supplies the "feel good" Chrish alludes to in spades. Perhaps what I've heard is not representative, but to my mind, it sounds nothing like Muse, nothing like the Foo Fighters, nothing like Franz Ferdinand and NOTHING like Led Zeppelin. Keane? Ehhhhh. I suppose. Matthew Sweet and Jen Trynin are closer touchtones to me.

But, like I said, it's possible the other eight songs sound like skanky-blooz versions of "Take Me Out."

My point is simply this: if all you can do is say what an album sounds like--then do that. Don't falsify the artist's biography so that it more conveniently fits your version of reality.

smuttynose said...

Which is why I stick to All Music for my album-reviewing needs. Stephen Thomas Erlewine could pummel Pitchfork's Nick Sylvester any day and twice on Sundays.

The Deceiver said...

Ha! I would pay to see that fight!

Two men enter

One man leaves.*

(*with tickets to the Animal Collective show)

Here's a Hint said...

FYI, BigYawn removed the review (resulting in the horrible, horrible review of the New Order album popping back up on the front page. Mr. Joel needs a smack upside the head)

The Deceiver said...

I saw that they had done that. But give credit to the original eagle-eye on the 9:30 forum for bringing some needed change to the community.

BTW, I've heard some of the new New Order, and you'd do well to curb your expectations.

Here's a Hint said...

The new New Order, on one listen is FAR superior to both Republic and Get Ready. It's no Technique (or even Brotherhood), but at this point, I'll settle for a NO album with more than one good song on it (which WFTSC has at least 3).

But, more to the point, anyone writing a New Order review who cannot name drop a song OTHER than Blue Monday should NOT be writing said review.

kosmo vinyl said...

And it only gets better... Now according to Big Yawn, Brendan is a "protege of sorts" of Jack White. I guess going on tour with the White Stripes once and working together in the studio together is the definition of protege these days.

The Deceiver said...

If a beat up Jason Stollsteimer at a Brendan Benson show, does that make Brendan *my* protege?