Friday, April 29, 2005

Calling All Enthusiasts!!

Stars @ Black Cat
Canadian collective Stars is one of the most versatile bands I've heard in a long time. Their new disc Set Yourself On Fire has extraordinary musical range--at times spry and new wavy, other times soulful, with everything you could possibly want in a musical vocabulary, from glitch to grunge. Don't pass up a chance to watch them put it together live. Tonight, they'll be opening for Ivy at the Black Cat. Big ringing endorsement from DCeiver. As always, call ahead to see if the sound will be operated by professionals or amateurs.

The Holiday Girl is more than just a cartoon cutie-pie. She's one half of Razzmatazz, and for four hours and five bucks, she and partner in crime DJ ReddAJ are going to drop a needle and trace the bloodlines of Britpop, from glam to post-punk to today's indie. Also at Black Cat, Saturday Night at 10pm, in the Backstage.

The Colorado Catechism
Very soon, Cecil Baldwin will be advertised on these pages as a member of Getman's Eleven--who'll be bringing the world premiere production of Behold! to Washington, DC. In the meantime, check out Cecil and Deborah Kirby in Journeymen Theatre Ensemble's The Colorado Catechism, which we're happy to report opened in residence at the Washington Shakespeare Company right on schedule. We hear good things. At the Clark Street Playhouse in Arlington. Directions are right here.

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