Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Courtney Totushek--not taking the whole loathing thing very well.

DCSOB, you gotta tell me--did you ever ask Courtney Totushek out? Umm, because I most certainly did not. I would have to be six or more sheets to the wind and suffering from some sort of massive aneurysm to do that. In fact, if anyone out there has seen me ask her out, please let me know immediately, because I will definitely have future retainer Shayna begin proceedings to have my power of attorney placed with some third party and go into whatever rehab is necessary.

Actually, my suspicion is that we have dragged poor old Here's a Hint into this. Sigh: thinking the DCeiver and Here's a Hint is the same 2004.

At any rate--you know what? My wish for this lovely Spring is for Rotoscope fans to just keep on loving them. Keep grooving, people! We're sorry for having opinions! And to PJ, who posted on DCSOB: "Would someone please tell Courtney from Dr Dremos that she is perpetually off-key? She sang The Church's 'Under The Milky Way' one night and I almost spewed my Marion Berry-Ale," I can only say, PJ, apparently this is all my fault! I have special powers or something. I'm so terribly sorry, for you, and I apologize to The Church as well. And PJ, if you ever chance to hear John Athayde attempt a Jeff Buckley song, I have been told several times over that you should flee the room at once. Again, this is probably all my fault, too.

Yes, truly, now everything makes perfect sense.

Rock on, 'Shek. Stay classy.


dcsob said...

Nope, wasn't me. I only go to Virginia for airports and Two Buck Chuck.

The Deceiver said...

Yeah, I didn't think so. Maybe one of us has an evil twin--or, in this case, a desperate, stupid twin.

K said...

I've never heard Rotoscope or Ms. Totushek. Like rj3 I only go to Virginia for very specific reasons, in my case airports and cigarettes. But my aesthetic opinion, based only on myspace pictures: she's kind of cute, no?

Anonymous said...

One would suspect that that is the root of her continued self-delusion. Boys don't tell girls like that that they suck. At least, not enough.

(And we Virginians don't go into DC unless we want to be gouged for beer or just feel like standing somewhere really crowded for a while. Touche!)

The Deceiver said...

I imagine that if I could switch her personality with some sort of parakeet or something, it'd restore enough appeal so that I could groove on her aesthetics. Of course, that would create one unbearable parakeet.

I'm trying to learn to love Bethesda, myself.

Blue Fish, Red Pond said...

In fairness to Courtney, it's difficult to concentrate on hitting the correct notes when you're staring so intently into Jonathan's eyes the entire time.