Saturday, April 23, 2005

DCeptette: Also, consider my indirect experiences with Edward Albee version.

  1. So, DC's own Studio Theatre had scored the US premiere of playwright (so fucking great playwright, that is!) Brian Friel's new piece Afterplay. Then a tiny ass nothing company in Cambridge, NY called the Theatre Company at Hubbard Hall, swooped in and staged their own production. Their own wholly unauthorized production. Yikes. For defying authorial intent, Hubbard Hall could have to pay out the ass to Studio. And, confidential to a whole circle of friends: Duh, of course that thought had already occurred to me! (Theaterboy)
  2. Dateline: Thursday evening, Adams Morgan. Stopping off to do some Amsterdamage, The DCeiver can't help wondering: why is every fifth person rocking the Napoleon Dynamite look? Is this some pollen related allergy? A new Federal holiday I wasn't aware of? Pod people sent to take over the block? Somebody please explain. (The VHS or Beta 7" helped settle the nerves, natch.)
  3. I'm not saying it's not great that Washington DC was named the second healthiest city in America. It's just that how are we going to take ourselves a victory lap with all the ankle deep puddles of mercury everywhere? And after we've run our lap, are we supposed to cool off with a tall glass of lead-enhanced water? How can we sleep when the serial arsonist is burning? And how can we dance manhole covers are high velocity? (Sperling's Best Places)
  4. Tysons Corner is the New Staten Island. (Post)
  5. DCist reports: "Students are taking to blogging to express observations and opinions." Wait. Wait wait wait. You mean--I could use this blog thingy to state opinions? Now why didn't I think of that? (DCist)
  6. Indeed, CPMC, we have a healthy respect for Kelly Ann Collins--as well we should, seeing as she could, today, on a whim, buy and sell us a thousand times over. But mainly, we just love how she can take four sentences and have us piss ourselves with laughter. Her blog entry, "Pope Schmope"= so very best. Now that Socialites is live again, we have to pitch: "KAC and DCist Mike Grass Get Matching Black Flag Tattoos." Sounds like: Best DCist photoessay ever! (Welcome back, Socialites)

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