Wednesday, April 13, 2005

DCeptette: The Dark Days of the Federline Spawn Are Finally Upon Us Version

  1. When the GOGger Rhome tells me that he has a "personal cheat sheet" that he uses to remind himself of the existence of the Silver Diner, what can we say? We believe him. In fact, we're quite sure that hunger pangs themselves send him reaching for his cheat sheet entitled "My Tummy Hurts: Why Is That?" It lists: "1. I am hungry. 2. Someone recently punched me. 3. Swallowed a gallon of deer semen again..." (GOGgle.)
  2. As if DCSOB wasn't already having the Best Week Ever, he's started early on next year's list. (DCSOB)
  3. Mike Tyson says of his upcoming, DC-hosted bout: "It's going to be a train wreck." So it's official: Tyson to kick the crap out of the Woodley Park Metro Station. (Yahoo News)
  4. Speaking of WMATA--while the transit authority can't seem to promise much in the way of transit improvements, at least they are getting really good at Town Hall Meetings. (WJLA)
  5. Rosslyn, North Arlington's perennial answer to Crystal City, is looking to get a whole lot taller, proposing a new 39 story skyscraper that is sure to rankle DC's L'Enfants Terribles, who wish the Washington Monument to remain the focal point of the area, despite the fact that the Monument looked a lot more bad-ass covered in lighted scaffolding. Check it: Terrorists didn't dare attack the city until that scaffolding was taken down, did they? Coincidence? Hell no! As for Rosslyn, the insults hurled its way for it's lack of aesthetics are pretty sound ones. Will a new skyscraper help? We have doubts. "It ought to be something that is in some way exalting," said Arlington County Board Vice Chairman Chris Zimmerman. Yes. Because mankind has for decades searched for a way to pay fitting tribute to Rosslyn--that paradise found; that demi-Eden. Right now, Jake Dobkin is looking down the line at the future launch of Rosslynist in 2032 and thinking: "Okay. For the silhouette we'll use the massive new skyscraper, the Key Bridge Marriott, the Orleans House, some drunk Georgetown coeds stumbling home from the Continental, that church that doubles as a gas station." (Post)

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I love that church.