Tuesday, April 05, 2005

DCeptette: Dumbass, your property value don't mean shit to anyone in Heaven version.

  1. Who are the most loathsome people in the DC Metropolitan area? Tell DCSOB your nominations now! (DCSOB)
  2. You think the cool originals at Wonderland have it tough, with all the pleated-pants invaders asking for Stella? At "Aquia Pines Camp Resort in Stafford, demand is so high that owner Everett Lovell said he's considering ripping out some of his tent sites and adding to the 20 spaces he reserves for long-term RV dwellers." Prompting many to say: "Yeah, I remember when this tent city was totally dope, you know? Then came all those middle-class fucks with their wheels and their glass windows and their touchiness on issues of personal hygiene. Fuckers. I wish they'd move back to their high-falutin' slums." Next up for the Camp Resort: Borf! (Washington Post)
  3. I'd never confuse Pitchfork and Big Yawn, even if BY's jacked everything they could from the 'Fork. First place: Pitchfork actually provides content, as opposed to opening up their Robert Christgau refrigerator magnets and dropping them on the ground. But, Big Yawn does do something massively better than Pitchfork--predict the future. See you at the Ottobar for the February 22, 2006 Travis Morrison show! (Big Yawn)
  4. The Going Out Gurus rightfully diss their colleague in Gogging, Janet! Hooray! They can have their feed tubes back! (Googies)
  5. Two months after launching the Examiner, publisher James McDonald is leaving to start his very own free daily newspaper. Which makes about as much sense as setting off to be a sous chef after successfully crapping your pants for the first time. (Editor and Publisher, via Wonkette-less)

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Jeff Deck said...

I especially like the show towards the end of February 2006 that has already been cancelled due to weather. Find me that meteorologist!