Tuesday, April 26, 2005

DCeptette: Putting the broke in broken-hearted version.

  1. Hallelujah. Mandy, this is MUCH better. And it even looks as if whoever calls himself the editor on the masthead may have even edited it. (Big Yawn)
  2. The ducklings at the Treasury Building are hatching this week. And full tilt Pale Male insanity is already growing in the District. Most expect the children's book Make Way For Ducklings to play itself out this week as the newly hatched kids will be led by their mommy to the mots convenient body of water. But what about the traffic? The serial arsonist? Borf? What if one of the ducks falls into a persistent vegetative state and Tom Delay isn't around to lead it to Jeebus? Not to worry, people. According to the news, the ducks are expected to receive a Secret Service Escort. Meanwhile, in Darfur, no one's even heard of The O.C.! (WJLA)
  3. Hey, Gogs. If you have some sort of New York City inferiority complex, then I'm really, really sorry. I gather from your return to "one-post-every-five-days" routine that it really eats at you. But most of us in the Metro Area don't exactly share your angst. So stop projecting your insecurities, mm'kay? And the next time you go out to Oya, why don't you bring along Janet? I thought she shits gold doubloons or something. (Googah)
  4. Alicia Keys comes to DC to inspire youth, ends up mulling whether to start her own charter school. Look for detailed coverage in the next issue of Career Suicide Quarterly. (The Sexaminer)
  5. DCist reports that a 50 Cent song written after The Game's manager assaulted a WKYS DJ has rubbed "emotional salt" in The Game's wounds. We recommend the use of emotional salt in The DCeiver's receipe for Vichysoisse of Unending Despondency. (DCist)

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