Thursday, April 28, 2005

DCeptette: Somewhere a clock is ticking version

  1. Your Congress is incapable of making ethics love, so guess what? "ETHICS WAR IS DECLARED!" Or so quoth The Hill. Yesterday was, indeed, a day that will live in ethical infamy. Shock and awe campaigns are beginning. Journos are getting embedded in ethics. Ethical bunkers stand to get busted. How much time do we have to build a statue of DeLay so we can tear it down? Can I be the guy to check his hair for lice? And, above all, will members of Congress be allowed to ethically fight in the war room? Who cares? It's a good day when those combover bitches can even tell me the spelling of the word "ethics." (the Hill)
  2. Going Out Goobies complain of the Eighteenth Street Lounge being overrun by "'spirited' groups of young professionals." What do they mean by that? Are they filled with the Holy spirit? Evil spirits? Are they running an Ouzo still or something? I have no idea what they mean, and you know what? They have no idea what they mean either. (Gogs)
  3. Craigslister shouts his praise for DC's "Mulatto women." "It's like they blend the best of both races!" he says. What a nice thing to say! Unfortunately, he expounds on what he means by "best", with embarrassing results. Now the only tasty blend he'll be sippin' on is a MooLatte at the DQ. Ooooh, count it! (Craigslist)
  4. Hot damn! They caught the serial arsonist, a fifty year old fast-food restaurant manager named Thomas "Gonna Make You" Sweatt. Guess what? He was a quiet, low-key guy who never bothered anyone! Just like all "serial" anythings. (Post)
  5. The Washington Post, now at the end of April, has still got their "snow cam" on live. Seems a real waste of resources to pay this expense for something that essentially reports no useful news or insight of any kind. In other news, though, the Washington Post Snow Cam celebrated this week after it was announced that it would be joining the Going Out Gurus. (DCist)

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