Thursday, April 21, 2005

Everyday they love us less and less. (ALSO: The Freaky Geniuses at Neurobashing have a gift for all DC rock fans!)

Hey, 9:30phytes! How you livin'? I just figured you all we're relaxing all chilled in your Target chaise lounges today, because the funny thing is I don't see you guys raising up the High and Mighty Perfect Shitstorm and sending it over to the DC Metroblogs. What's the matter, kids? All blown out? Hot gastric gas in short supply? Well pop a Cox Inhibitor and break wind in that direction, kewl doods. It's just another betrayal for my fave set of interweb desperate housewives!

Okay...while they're getting painted blue and getting ready to ride on Metroblog Braveheart steez, I got news for rest of ya's. Let's cast our mind back to when this all began. The terrifying and angst-ridden bleats began after DCist showed the world about this page. Now, from what I understand, it was the GogBlog that actually made with the tippy tip, but no one on the 9:30 club was quoted as saying, "Boo" about it then because the GogBlog can go get stomped by Obie--nobody reads it, natch.

Well, thanks to my friends over at Neurobashing--who I shoulda blogrolled, like, way back in the late 90's, sorry about that, will remedy soon--now you can get that little soft announcement page delivered unto you RSS feed steez. Head on out to their Pure Rock Fury page, scroll down, and look for the Feeds of Fury. Drop 9:30 Club Tickets into yr aggregator and never miss out on a ticket sale again! Now, these pups was just birthed by Neurobashing's womb, so it may Taste Like...beta! So if it don't work good for you, drop them a line--they're good with the helping out!


will said...

I appreciate your sharing of concert info, but do we really need to hear about 9:30 Club Forum members each time you post? I agree with your view about sharing public information, but I think we all got your point the first couple of times. But by now, it sounds like childish whining, almost as bad as the same people you're complaining about. Someone over there must have really gotten under your skin. Seriously, just share whatever information you have and keep the commentary on forum members to yourself. Unless of course, you have some new and different point to make.

Gary said...

will: c'mon, man... it's fun to knock down those who consider themselves elitist by way of obscurity. Imagine the flamewars incited by those "insiders" after that first famous bukkake website gained massive attention (erk.). It's not just the 930 forum people... it's an overarching phenomenon.

Disclaimer: Dude's basically just illustrating the next step in the sharing of public information (which you agree with) by way of the RSS feeds that I wrote. I apologize that our fielding the feeds was ill-timed... if I could have finished them *before* the initial post here (or on DCist or Gogs), then I would have. Sorry about that... my paying job gets in the way sometimes.

By the way... this is their personal blog, not some "news" site. Commentary is all you're gonna' get.

The Deceiver said...

It's really just a framing device. If I didn't mention them, well, who would find them interesting. They don't even find themselves all that interesting.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you figured DCeiver out yet? His modus operandi is to bash other much more prominent sites (and to post on them)in a sad attempt to get more people to read his lame ass blog. He's almost as attention starved as Hoya Saxa on the 9:30 forum. If we ignore him long enough, he just may go away. Or he may just start posting more photos of his wife.

The Deceiver said...

The phrase: "You wish" can be applied to just about every phrase and clause in your post, anonypuss. But, I suspect you'll just keep on reading!

The Deceiver said...

Although "modus operandi"...those are pretty big words for you. And Latin words, too.

What "prominent sites" are you talking about, by the way?

Anonymous said...

You might want to take a peek at User Agreement.

From Section Four - Prohibited Use of this Website

"You will not establish any deep link or other connection to any specific page or pages of this website other than the Home Page, without our written permission."
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posted 04-21-2005 07:33 PM
do you have a written permission for this link?
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kosmo vinyl
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posted 04-21-2005 07:48 PM
maybe maybe not
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So I shouldn't do this


The Deceiver said...

Welcome to the forums hallowed legal experts!

Hmmmm. Sounds like is free to send a C&D letter to Neurobashing anytime they want. And if and when they do, then Neurobashing will have to make a decision to take it down or not. Should Neurobashing subsequently decide to remove their link, my link to it will stop working as well.

That ought to be a GREAT C&D letter, too. I hope Neurobashing will share it with me! A ticket seller, upset by their ability to sell tickets being enhanced! Truly, wonders never cease.

What other cases do you handle over there at the Law Firm of Pindick and Dipshit?