Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Help Needed Out at the Washington Shakespeare Company

My friend the DCepticon tipped me and Good Sir TheaterBoy off to some bad news that's come down on the good people at Washington Shakes. We've always been upfront about our enthusiasm for developing a property called Chris Henley is Live, Nude and Onstage, precisely because Henley, Lee Mikeska Gardner and his crew out at WSC are real good folk. The DCeiver had some recent balls-out fun participating in their Canon Cabaret--and the fact that a big audience gathered in their upstairs rehearsal space to watch a Shakespeare history play by a bunch of punch-drunk actors with only one rehearsal and the always manic, always brilliant urgings of Grady Weatherford, grooving all the while on the casts left-field improvisations and applauding when the dramatic death scene got even more dramatic than planned, well it tells you a lot about what WSC does right--their audiences are juiced for enjoyment.

TBoy's got the deets on this unfortunate saga of how the venerable Clark Street Playhouse came afoul of Arlington's fire marshall, why the WSC has kind of got themselves between the rock that is the ambition of developers and the hard place that is Arlington's unwillingness to do much as far as helping out with capital infrastructure improvements. We're not placing blame here (though we wonder why the anonymous tipster that went to the Fire Marshall just couldn't simply bring their concerns to theatre staff)--it's a rock and hard place forged by an honestly unfortunate sounding confluence of events rather than not-give-a-shit-itis.

But DCeiver would like to help out. There are two immediate problems.

1. Shoring up WSC so it'll pass inspections
If you got some spare time, even on the weekend, call over to WSC at 703-418-4808. Ask if they need some arms and legs to help patch or pitch or sweep or nail down. If you don't have the time, rifle through the ol' sofa cushions and mail over a donation.

2. Finding a new home for The Colorado Catechism.
A more pressing, immediate need may be ensuring that the Journeymen Theatre Company, set to open The Colorado Catechism on April 20th, finds a new home if they need it--they may even need a space to keep rehearsals of some kind going. I'm unable to find any way of contacting the Journeymen--maybe they can hit me back with some contact info. Off-the-cuff suggestion: call over to St. Marks Episcopal on Capitol Hill, 3rd and A SE. They do some amibitious community theatre there, and it's a great congregation and church--maybe they can help. If anyone out there in DCeiverland has some suggestions, drop 'em off here and we'll hit the phones and move some ideas around.

In the meantime, The DCeiver's pulling for all the artists involved. Hopefully, by week's end, this will have all gotten back to normalcakes.

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Deborah said...

Just saw this blog site. Not sure who you are but THANKS for passing on our dilemma - which for the record got worked out. If you ever need to reach me/us:

Deborah Kirby
Founding Artistic Director
202/669-7229 (c)

And hope that you can come see The Colorado Catechism! ;)