Sunday, April 17, 2005

Make Up The Breakdown: Checkmate Edition

Featuring the rest of the world.

  • Garry Kasparov is whacked upside the head with a chess board! Oh, Deep Blue...not everything can be solved by sending some kid to beat Kasparov down. Someday, you'll understand that.
  • Unfortunate Confluence of Headlines. Running at #1, Yahoo's Most Popular News Stories: "Aging Surfers Find Vitality in the Waves." At #2: "Massive Wave Damages, Diverts Cruise Ship."
  • I guess New York City wants to make a good impression on James of YI8DC fame, because the fugly H&M Advertecture has been removed from the Flatiron Building. Now, nobody tell him that he can't afford a house in New York City, either! (Curbed)
  • Damn. Moby finally does something worthy of buzz and it turns out to have been all a lie. (Also: Curbed)
  • This American Life's Ira Glass to marry writer Anaheed Alani. Their children shall, of course, usher in a new Reign of Fire and Terror, just as foretold in the prophecy. (Gapers Block)
  • Austinist: Most days, it truly is vastly superior to a broken monitor.
  • Even more fucking funny than a play about Bloc Party. Seriously. (Fitted Sweats, via TMFTML)
  • Thanks to the mighty Uncle Grambo, who brought us this picture, now we know that the soon-to-be-released Limp Bizkit record will deal with Fred Durst's courageous battle with ovarian cancer. Holy Durstbored Confessional, Batman!

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