Monday, April 18, 2005

Synergy is here for you to use.

Over at The Diner:

Serious football fans geek out for each year's draft, but does anyone ever look back with the analysis? The Diner does: check in sporty Travis Mills as he looks back on how the 2002 Draft eventually went for the teams in the League, and learn why some teams just never get it right.

Sometimes, a ten-hour movie about Filipinos turns out to not necessarily be the life-changing cinematic experience you thought it could be.

Jason rips open a month of April Fools.

And the usual six of one and a half dozen of the other.


Anonymous said...

Hoist one up for Sam Mills. Class act all the way. I have to admit I teared up a little bit. I bet Julius Peppers did a lot.

Anonymous said...

What's your take on Dave (need just a "u" and sometimes "y") Leitao?