Monday, April 18, 2005


To put it briefly:

Bluestate: So hott. Very good time. Went with Wife of DCeiver, P.Vo (sipping on a rum and coke), and P.Vo.'s squeeze Ronni. Got trapped in my own clothing while being tutored on how to do that girlie "remove undergarment from beneath overgarment." There are pictures that will likely surface. Ach. Met Mr. Kriston Capps of Grammar: 911--a gentleman and a scholar, who's got little birdies telling him all about what Tom Delay tells his hairdresser. Shocking news: Tom Delay has a hairdresser! I thought it was all varnish, harvested from his decrepit soul. Celebrated DCSOB's new notoriety. Wife of DCeiver ends up shooting down would be suitor with matrimonial reality--however, we both agreed that the suitor's wingman exhibited extremely fluid technique, so those two are definitely going places. KG--though a Celtics fan, is hot for the Bullet's backcourt. Mainly caught setlists from Seeking Irony and Weird Curves--two very stylish filles, as usual.

You can see P.Vo and Ronni in Trapped By The Mormons, opening next weekend at the Warehouse Screening Room.

Prior to Bluestate, went to the HeresAHint housewarming party. Sorry, local musicians--his pad is better than yours, too. Guess who was in attendance, PK? Dr. Rhythm! Some visitors to thsi site, looking at Joe Monaghan in particular, may remember Dr. Rhythm from the wildly successful Sessions at The Second Floor of Casablanca, Featuring Keith Alnwick--yes, related to local news Alnwick, thanks for asking. Anyway, I cradled the Doctor in my arms for old times sake.

City Paper not only gave love to Bluestate this weekend--they featured quotes and pictures of the Wife of DCeiver! Grab a copy and peep the pictures of otustretched hands bearing hand stamps. On the array of nine hands, the WoD's delicate digit is smack dab in the middle, Velvet Lounge style.

Diagnoses: Need new computer. Also: need new sparkplugs. Toyota is very close to being rechristened the Schiavomobile. Hey, Culture of "Life" bitches, why don't you come pray over my car?

Rehearsals for Behold! began at Rorschach this weekend. Whole sections of the script pratically DARE and DEFY you to stage them. Still, good news is an already hilarious script's gotten even more packed with comic goodness. Bad news: Behold! will sadly add another hurdle to my already vast array of aesthetic deficiencies as I will be rocking the 'stache for the show. Some say: heinous Hal Linden style. These are the sacrifices you make to Bring Love Onstage, Guys.

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redstate-bluescity said...

Dr. Rhythm, how we've missed him. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, which strongly resembeled acid canyon.