Tuesday, April 26, 2005

You never forget your first Splash Day.

BUSH: Do you still have Splash Day?


BUSH: You have to be a baby boomer to know what I'm talking about.


BUSH: I'm not saying whether I came or not on Splash Day. I'm just saying, Do you have Splash Day?


Oh, yeah. Memories of Baby Boom Generation. Splash Day, according to Drudge, is an "adult oriented" festival on the beaches of Galveston, Texas. Bush, apparently, participated back in the day, but can't remember whether he came or not--based upon the quantities of Lone Star our Commander Salamander in Chief used to hose down his gullet, we're betting he didn't come. Performance is, after all, everything on Splash Day.

Of course, we're amused by the whole "you have to be a Baby Boomer to know what I'm talking about" line. I wouldn't brag. You see, it turns out that Splash Day is now strictly for the gays. That rocks. I guess somebody messed with Texas after all! But still--where the previous generation stormed the beaches at Normandy, the Texas Baby Boomers slunk off their own beaches out in the throes of pasty heterosexual shame. The whole pitiable story is finally being told in the new book by the author of The Greatest Generation:


Jeff Deck said...

What's your source on the GWB quote, DCeiver? I laffed 'til I stopped, but I'd like to confirm it's genuine.

The Deceiver said...

The AP has it. Search Yahoo News with the terms "splash day."