Monday, May 02, 2005

April 2004--A Month of DCeption in Retrospect

Well, April was a singularly memorable month at DCeiver HQ. Thanks to you readers, we outpaced all previous months in terms of site traffic, hitting marks that we, in all frankness, are not likely to hit again for some time. Though we'll certainly try to provide the content. The good news is that thanks to a bit of capital investment, the Diner Media Empire will soon have a new computer, replacing the one that now shits itself every fifteen minutes and goes dead. And yes, we've tried that. We tried that too. Believe me. It's time to say goodbye to the old and welcome a machine that will allow its users to maintain a train of thought for more than five minutes.

Other than that, many thanks to the readership. Many thanks to the blogroll. We promise to add some people this month. Especial thank yous to the guys at and to the girl at Ultragrrrl for some link love over the past month.

Here's the month that were:

  • We revisit Big Yawn only to find atrociousness abounding. A month later, we're happy to report that thanks to us, the reviewer in question has offered up work that is comparatively superior and the nominal editors of the site seem to have accepted that checking for spelling errors is actually part of their job. We can't take credit for the BY regime's decision to stop telling people that Brendan Benson is British, but we're glad to see they take that aspect of the culture seriously as well.
  • We experience an ironic clash of imagery at the Nexus Gold Club.
  • DCSOB and I risk overexposure and, frankly, little else as we reveal DC's Most Loathsome. From the Smorgasblog to Imus in the Morning, our kiss was on their lips.
  • Remember the time that dude brought his luggage to the Capitol and everyone sort of freaked the fuck out? Good times.
  • Everyone gets to have at least one surreal taxi experience each month, only going forward, it'll be a lot more expensive.
  • Cockblocking the Bloc Party--tastes like a Drama Desk Award in the making!
  • Benedict XVI--the album!
  • Wistful water-colored memories of Splash Day consume George Bush and the other members of the Baby Boom Generation. Still the biggest day of the year for Galveston-based Astroglide wholesalers.
  • The occasion of the Examiner miscounting the Congressional membership gives way to a frank and disturbing conversation with its editor, John Wilpers.

Thanks for another great month! See you in May!


Other said...

When you say "we" do you mean the Royal We, the royal wee or do you have two heads?

The Deceiver said...

A tart stream of royal wee.