Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Big Praise for Area Mechanics

As some of you have heard from me offline, one of the DCeiver's automobiles has been sputtering lately--lugging, coughing up blood when I step on the gas, the usual old car shittiness. Driving it the past week was such a weird process that when I got behind the wheel of Wife of DCeiver's car last night, my driving sense was so freakishly attuned to the other car that a casual observer would have thought I'd never driven stick before.

Getting a good mechanic to work on your car, someone who's going to dispense some remedy and not rip you off, is a challenge in itself for any consumer. Luckily, I've got some guys who have come through for me time and again--The Car Doctor in Falls Church, VA. It's a bit of a fucking hike, to be sure (they used to be not too far up Lee Highway from the Key Bridge, but when they moved I followed them)--but you get great work done and the gouge is not in effect. At least 75% of the time I've been given an estimate, my final bill has come in at LESS the previously stated amount, and it's NEVER. So these are mechanics with Honor, and it's probably high time I drove out there on a day off to bring those guys some coffee and donuts.

I'm sure some of you folks out there have good mechanics of your own, all over the Metro area. Drop off your kind words and references in the comment box if you want to give some due props to the folks that keep our jalopies running.


tom said...

Around here, Rocky at Gray's Auto on Lee Hwy has always treated me well. But greatest mechanic ever has got to go to Jimmy Minter of Minter's Auto in Charlottesville. Dude fixed a gas leak for me and then refused to charge for it. Probably he was trying to get more college kid business, since he's tucked away behind the cab depot wayyy in the depths of cville. But he deserves it. Really nice guy, does good work, and if you pick up your car in the evening and the staff is still hanging around he might offer you a beer.

The Deceiver said...

Any relation to Donte Minter?