Wednesday, May 25, 2005

DCeptette: I am Jack's embarrassing facial hair sacrifice version.

Oye, Arlington! Ready to get Rocked? Posted by Hello

  1. So Donald Rumsfeld officially gave the authority to shoot that Cessna down. Bet he was itching for a confirmed kill--it's been a long time since he gassed that residents of Halabja through his proxy and friend Saddam Hussein. You know, the fourth season of 24 just ended, and if I had a choice between living in a world where the United States was experiencing insane terrorist acts on a yearly basis that were solved only at the last minute and by the skin of the teeth by the serious minded professionals of that universe and staying in the world where my safety depends on how much scotch is thrumming through the temples of Crazy Retardo Rumsfeld at any given moment--well, I'd probably still choose to live here. But only because that last time I saw Kim Bauer she had a really ridiculous haircut! (Post)
  2. Authorities describe treacherous stretch of Potomac River as a "killing chasm", warning of "powerful water currents" that can drag off the unwary "in a second and not release them for a week or a month." To Arlington residents, this sounds like a stop on the 38B. (Post)
  3. Sad, off topic news. Thurl Ravenscroft is dead at 91. That's so not grrrrrrrreeeeeat. (Post)
  4. The socialization and mating habits of Snow Patrol fans revealed. (Craigslist)
  5. Jeezum crow, Goggies! I thought that the indie rock hurt your teeny and fragile brains? After hyping Plastic People of the Universe, you can expect another three day period of washing the cooties off. Will this post end up in the Neko Case hole? (GogBlah)


Blue Fish, Red Pond said...

I realize you are only practicing good journalism, (after all, how can one mock if one doesn't read the source material) but it still makes me chuckle to see you reference the GOG entries.

The Deceiver said...

I am fully 90% of the GogBlog's readership.

Nate said...

Since when does a '60s-era psychedelic/political band from Czechoslovakia get described as "indie rock"?

Sometimes I think the white hot fury of your rage makes you a little nearsighted ... you really can stop shooting at the fish in the barrel when there are just floating chunks left.