Wednesday, May 11, 2005

DCeptette: It's a sin when success complains version

  1. You'd love to hear my suggestion? Fine. Please: do not try to be funny, ever again. Because you are decidedly not. And the results only pains me and shames us both. (Googies)
  2. Jenna Bush sighted at Cafe Saint-Ex. Interesting, considering the place named for a man who wasn't role-playing when he wore a flightsuit. But who has time for irony when you're busy prepping her all-Yellowcard set for iPod jukebox night? (Wonkette)
  3. After the hammer: DCBachelor comments, "I guess I hit a couple nerves." Huh. If you hit any nerves, Roosh, it's because you're suffering from sciatica of the I'm-totally-fucking-kidding-myself. Ooooh! Count it! (DCTwat)
  4. BWI Airport is going to be renamed for Thurgood Marshall! Maryland Republicans plan a future of dryly insisting that nobody calls it that. (WRC)
  5. We all know how the Washington Examiner: A Love Story is going to go. Act One: The Examiner woos Ms. Expressette (EXAMINER: "Pluck me...pluck me like a flower.") Act Two: Trouble for Examiner sets in when she falls for the Financial Times (FT: "My love for you may be salmon colored, but it will never be a bad investment." Act Three: Examiner and Financial Times battle for Expressette's affection (EXAMINER: "I wish I could spare a hand to lift my boom box over my head outside your bedroom window! But I need both my hands to hold hold Examiners!") Act Four: Expressette makes a shocking confession! (EXPRESSETTE: "Look you two, you're both real nice. But I'm young, wild and free. That means I pretty much just want to get boned by DCist." Yes...the story is old, but it goes on... (Craigslist)


Tom said...

Ooo. The Googies made a Jar-Jar joke. They soooooooooooo owe me a new keyboard.

j said...

"Huh. If you hit any nerves, Roosh, it's because you're suffering from sciatica of the I'm-totally-fucking-kidding-myself."

Now that right there, that's the hammer.

jordan said...

re: wonkette

cafe satin-ex? so it's now a poly-cotton blend?