Wednesday, May 04, 2005

DCeptette: We're sorry for getting your daughter involved in the porn industry, Ms. Chomko version

  1. Interweb who-dat DCBachelor breathlessly threatens that "the hammer is coming down on DCist very soon." Ooooh. We're so a'scurred! Still, we love a good mystery, even if it resolutely de minimis. PROBABLY REFERS TO: Some sort of one-third assed Kasey Dozier style bloggy flyswat. Geezy. So April 2005. PROBABLY DOESN'T REFER TO: Insider knowledge of a Rovian plot to send Tom DeLay out of his career in the Wellstone martyrdom method, i.e. shoving him out of a charter plane overhead the gathering DCistas. (Will ensure that Chief Ike's Mambo Room has recently reinforced their roof, anyway.) SECRETLY HOPING HE MEANS: That he's coming over to Mike Grass' great-aunt's place to put in some new crown molding. Chop chop, Bachelor! Her place isn't going to wainscot itself! (DC Bachelor)
  2. Tiffany Baxendell has only been in Washington for a week? Who knew? (DC Metroblogs)
  3. Craigslister offers a not-so-ringing endorsement of Annandale. Wow. That's raw. One question: what's an Annandale? (Craigslist)
  4. Laura Bush is accused of "Wonkette-izing" the White House Correspondents' Dinner, much in the same way one could accuse my cats of "Malkinizing" all over the living room carpet. (Wonkette)
  5. Kwame Brown's career as a Washington Wizard appears to be over. Look for Spike Lee to shoot new Nike commercial entitled: "Huh. It turns out Michael Jordan was sort of a fucking idiot!" (Washington Post)


DCepticon said...

"DCeptette: We're sorry for getting your daughter involved in the porn industry, Ms. Chomko version"

She was like that when we got here.


Castor OiL said...

I can't believe Annandale was besmirched that way. It's outrageous!