Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Fenty to reveal the least well kept secret in Washington, DC.

Dude. Adrian Fenty is planning to announce his mayoral candidacy in a matter of minutes. The suspense? So not even coming close to killing us. For most people, the day you were aware of Fenty's existence was the day he decided he was going to take the reins of this city. The fact that everytime he sneezes it comes out, "AaaaaaawannabemayorsomedayyyyYYYYYCHOOO!" And he's done that so often he's blown out his nasal cavity. Sounds like the Baltimore aquarium in there.

Me and Mr. DCSOB are both, somehow--INEXPLICABLY--on his media alert list. Hopefully, DCSOB is en route right now--the announcement is taking place at his "boyhood home" a two-room log cabin at 1905 Kenyon Street NW which probably sells for $825,000 in the current market. Somebody, please, wake the residents therein. Hopefully, Fenty will wear a beard and stovepipe hat. DCSOB, if you get there, could you please ask Tom Sherwood if he'd go to prom with me?


dcsob said...

I wonder how we ended up on that list. Is it a trap? I'm going, but just to be sure, in disguise.

Anonymous said...

1734 Lamont Street, nearby has a place in your history, DCeiver. Call if you need enlightenment. Abe