Friday, May 06, 2005

Get ready for the next big thing.

Very wiped after tonight's late Behold! rehearsal. Sorry, Chief Ike's and DCist crew, but we're busy brewing up a lot of onstage madness, making the impossible stageable. We're sure that the DCist Happy Hour was tiggy-tiggy. They always are.

Next up--a return to the Washington Shakes Canon Cabaret. They say: "To mark our 15th Season, WSC is presenting BARD - 37: OUR CANON CABARET. All 37 plays will be read in chronological order, starring WSC's current company of performers, along with the area's most recognized celebrities." Ha! We return to the Henry Four and Five series this Sunday night at 7:30pm with Henry V. Oh for a muse of fire...Saint Crispin's day...jokes about tennis balls--this shit has got it all--including Hugh T. Owen, Kathleen Akerley, Michael Dove, Marybeth Fritzky, Bill Gillet, Caroline ("WoD") Kenney, The DCeiver, Jason Stiles, Shane Wallis, Grady Fucking Weatherford, and probably one other person at least. Hugh directs, thereby providing sufficient implication that we have in some way rehearsed this. Sure to be entertaining, so come on by, it's free free free.

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