Friday, May 20, 2005

Make Up The Breakdown: Special Bloggers Unit.

  • Information Leafblower has designed some sweet kicks over at in their blogger shoe design contest. Go vote for him. Yeah, I don't care how much you like ProductshopNYC's! Go give KG your love! (Nike)
  • Ultragrrrl has always been good to the DCeiver. So we're being good back. Watch this space (and her blog) for news about her new label imprint, Stolen Transmission.
  • At some point, we'll have Karl Miller back in the city with us. What will become of his new blogging endeavor, centered around his adventures in Alaska as he brings the art to the tundra-locked, when that happens is anybody's guess. So you'd better enjoy it now. If I were you, I'd start here--so fucking hilarious.
  • What do we like the most about the Cleveland Park Junior League's latest incarnation, Pygmalion In a Blanket? The way it shifts from perky fun to completely deranged in a manner of seconds. So Beeblebroxcakes! Burning a copy of The Sunset Tree for you. Maybe leave at Tryst in clandestine manila envelope?

1 comment:

The Governess said...

i'm totes there, drinking bathwater or something. I'll be the one with a red ribbon in my hair, surrounded by cats. Wailing cats. And, talking in gibberish, with lots of gesticulating.