Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Next Big Thing

First of all, I want to plug Another Bluestate Evening at the Cafe Saint Ex--now fortified with 30% more FDOTUS cooties! Join them at 9pm tonight. It's the official DC record release party for both the new Stephen Malkmus and the new Belle and Sebastian! It's jaded AND twee! Bluestate reminds you to have fun and to not break any toilets.

Normally, I'd be a lot more prompt in pimping those bloggers. After all, they come, they see, they validate Kelly Clarkson, and then in a second, *poof*! They're gone. Keyser Soze steez. But The DCeiver's been spending many a late night working on:

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Behold! is having five pay-what-you-can previews starting this Thursday and running through Memorial Day. No reservation necessary, box office opens at 7pm for 8pm shows. There's a good chance the playwright and director might make additional script revisions based upon preview feedback, so the usual caveat emptorcakes apply. But we is some seventeen different types of funny.

The run proper continues the following weekend. I could go on and on, feeding you the deets, but why not just click here? So much easier.

If you were a fan of Magnolia, an urban legends buff, a fan of sprawling comedy and exotic locales, fancy seating banks that move, enjoy stories about boxes, stories about bellhops, stories about trips to Mexico, stories about the chaste attraction between sideshow barkers and waitresses, stories about inept sea captains or women of mystery or sociopathic dry cleaner employees, or if you'd just like to see The DCeiver get beat up about a half-dozen times in the course of an evening, you won't want to miss Behold!

[starring Cecil Baldwin, Andrew Brownstein, Elizabeth Chomko, Tim Getman, Jason Linkins, Hugh T. Owen, Jenny Morris, Kerri Rambow, Shane Wallis and Grady "Look for me on Google" Weatherford.]

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nm said...

yes, please, no breaking toilets! or biting drunk girls so hard that they bleed, scream and break toilets! thanks for the pimpin'.