Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Rule Britannia!

Oh frabjous day. Calloo callay!

I have just finished reading the transcript of MP George Galloway's utter and totally thorough destruction of Norm Coleman and Commander Cuckoo Bananas, delivered in the Senate. It is a thing of beauty. It is the most beautiful thing I have read this year.

Most people that know me know I have a particular mindset when it comes to elected officials. To my mind, when a man or woman steps across the line from private citizen to public servant, I prefer to emphasize the "servant" part. At least when I'm being charitable. In truth, most days I consider them to be nothing more than useful curs, pack animals, bootlicks. And that goes from Alderman Whosit to the Commander-in-Chief--a term that, to my ears, never fails to sound like "second-in-command"--again, on my charitable days.

Their job, simply put, is to query me on height and trajectory when I order them to jump. Failure to do so, at any moment, means dismissal. Occasionally, a majority of citizens leave their stupidity behind to smartly stand in agreement with me.

This is important to remember. Has Tom Delay attempted to dress me down by declaiming "I am the Federal Government", as he did so famously some time ago to a private citizen seeking to uphold the rules of polite society (Delay was smoking in a Federal building), he would have earned from me a savage slap across the mouth and a stern reminder to never speak out of turn again. I am the federal government, Mr. Delay. You are my mule.

It's been a long time, however, since anyone has walked into the seat of government and put these perfumed popinjays in their place--most Americans pay them halting abeisance and stammering unearned respect, which is why they more or less behave like roided up Marie Antoinettes. But George Galloway, leaving the trappings of the English Parliament behind, demonstrated that a citizen of the free world should never cringe before public servants like an emasculated pauper. He put the American idiots to the sword. You should relish every lovely word. Norm Coleman should go live in a tree.

It's Union Jack versus Jack Shit. Saint Crispins Day came early.

[Thanks to for the heads up. By the by, they are on another one of their typical rolls, lately.]


Gary said...

Go Galloway!

Yet, his ass-ripping (ass-raping?) of the fucktards in Senate will have an effect on our lives (as conscientious objectors to whatever bananas) in the U.S. how?

Isn't that a Gwen Stefani song? Sorry, I'm drunk.

Yeah, big story, love the guy... but it's like turning a cargo ship at sea. One nudge does nothing to alter the course. We need a million more nudges like this one.


The Deceiver said...

Just a nudge, it's true. But we have been wanting for even that.

Toque said...

Galloway is a good speaker but I wouldn't take him too seriously, nobody here does.

By the way, there is no 'English Parliament' it's a UK parliament that is in England - unfortunately it's full of Welsh, Irish and Scots (like Galloway).

Luke said...

Galloway is an excellent orator. Always good for a laugh, but that's about it. He's Scottish and the British Parliament is full of them.
There isn't an English Parliament. Its the British Parliament. There is a Scottish and Welsh Parliament, but the Welsh and Scots in the British Parliament won't allow the English to have their own. They're frightened the English would insist that their taxes are spent in England and not on Wales and Scotland and that would never do.