Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Behold! wraps up it's last weekend. UNBUCKLED to come!

Folks, there's just four performances left of the show the City Paper calls a "tightknit, perfectly synchronized carnival of a show" and that the cast of Behold! is saying: "In retrospect, we should have included a drinking game." We have shows Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday evening at 5pm and then one Saturday night during which we promise to leave everything we have out on the floor if you promise to carry us to Tonic afterwards. That's the sort of people we are--we care about your enjoyment.

Then, next Thursday, DCist is throwing its first UNBUCKLED party at the Black Cat, and we're inviting everyone. Click on the link and check out the poster that the abundantly wonderful Holly Tegeler designed for us. Hopefully, you'll soon be peeping them everywhere. It's a DC concert of DC music celebrating all you fine Metro area dwellers who continually make the city worth living in. We got Cartel, we got the Bicycle Thieves, we got DJ Leafblower, we've got giveaways, we've got hot air balloon rides (of the mind, anyway), and we've got love for the street. It's like a Downing Street Memo of festive conviviality! So come. There will be nobody having a bad time--though if there are, we'll give you some space to work out your issues.

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