Friday, June 10, 2005

Calling All Enthusiasts!!!

Behold, people. Behold. So very best. But a word of warning. If you've never attended a Rorschach Theatre offering, heed this carefully. The Sanctuary Theatre is sadly, subject and beholden (hee) to climatological whims. That means: hot outside, hot inside. It's hotter for us than it is for you, you won't be drenched in sweat, for example, but still--dress comfortably. Bring some cold water in with you. Splash it on us. Dress in freon undergarments. It will enhance your enjoyment.

Down Holly has temporarily been joined by Paul from the Paul Kamran Escapade and Michelle formerly of Full Minute of Mercury. They'll be performing at the acoustical wonderland that is the Rhodeside Bar and Grill tonight, and I will be missing them because of Behold. It's not everyday that you see a band that has a whole fuckin' chain of succession! Of course, who takes over on guitar if another Down Hollyer goes down? John Kerry. So pray for their continued health. Tonight, let's say nine. In other news, Karmella's Game--hearted here and elsewhere--are throwing some sort of costume party at the Warehouse Next Door. Old 97s also grace the town this weekend at 930, and we've heard good things about Red Racer, Saturday night at the Velvet Lounge.

Saturday, take in a day of travelling the open road in the theatre by checking out Headman's Holiday at Theater Alliance before coming to Behold! It's been said that it makes for a fun double feature. Also, if you haven't seen Big Death and Little Death at Woolly, this weekend is your last chance.

If you're out in Band Camp, perhaps looking for pretend racists at imaginary bars, you can drop by "Celebrate Band Camp" at the Band Camp Government Center. Rick Springfield is playing, so the shit, officially, be bananas. Of course, this means future retainer Shayna will probably be in attendance.

TNT and the World Food Programme are sponsoring the Walk The World event, with marches all over the globe. DC's Walk will be meeting up at the FDR memorial 9:45AM on Sunday.

And if you're attending the hotly anticipated M.I.A./LCD Soundsystem show Sunday, be sure to head over to Dragonfly afterwards, where Diplo will be in the house for the official/unofficial afterfete.

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Jake said...

M.I.A./LCD were awesome, but I missed out on Dragonfly--how was it?