Saturday, June 18, 2005

Calling All Enthusiasts!!

I'm sure there's plenty to be enthusiastic this weekend, but preparing for a big gig at the National Press Club and performing another weekend of Behold! has taken my eyes off of the prizes. Saturday is a two performance day, by the way--5pm and 8pm, and The Raven beckons thereafter. So my dance card, she be filled.

But, I would encourage you all to head out to the E Street Cinema this weekend and check out Shake Hands With The Devil. It's the story of a man named Romeo Dallaire, the Canadian general who was put in charge of the UN Peacekeeping Forces in Rwanda who desperately tried to do everything in his power to stop the genocide, only to find himself isolated and helpless as the rest of the world turned away from that despicable atrocity--800,000 dead in 100 days, many slaughtered in cold blood by machete-wielding maniacs.

While there will and should be many people who will spend eternity dancing the Watusi down in Hutu Hell, Dallaire's story should be heard and seen because while everyone loves to see a man triumph over adversity, those examples of good men crushed by adversity are necessary in order to set the future on its proper course, instead of the shameful one we're on now, where a different cast of characters are repeating the Rwandan cowardice in Darfur, and where bastion of democracy America is in bed with savage dictatorial regimes in Pakistan and Uzbekistan--the regimes your children will have to change. If you want a better world, you'd best teach your children to be like General Dallaire--America desperately needs to mass produce men such as he.

And of course, afterwards, when you need to laugh again--Behold, bitches!

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