Wednesday, June 08, 2005

DCeptette: Coming to a Potemkin redneck bar near you version.

  1. I know that the District is packed to the gills with folks who have received Anthony Williams into their hearts as the do-no-wrong avenging angel of fiscal responsibility. He's the CFO what cleaned up them messes from the Time Before Control Board, who restored DC to, if not statehood, at least placehood. The City Paper lauds him for rolling over and taking it up the ass--hey, I suppose it's no wonder that when it came time to play in the gutter with the privateers from Major League Baseball, and his constituents blanched at the opportunity to potentially get Louima'ed, Williams blew out of town insisting that the city just lay back and try to enjoy it. Well now look at him. DC Auditor Deborah Nichols has made everything illuminated, and it turns out that Williams and his pal Bob Bobb have been making calls out of the Marion Barry playbook for quite some time. The new boss: a crook you can bring home to Mom. (DCist)
  2. From the DCeiver to-do list: #64. Somehow goad Big Yawn into actually covering local music over a sustained period of time. (Big Yawn)
  3. The C&O Canal towpath has been Malkinized! (NBC4)
  4. I don't always think James F. is the most honest person in the world, but after reading about his travails in a Band Camp* "dive bar", I know one thing for sure: it's going to make an awesome first chapter when he finally writes Burning Down My Master's Blog. (YI8DC)
  5. Q. How is it that Going Out Guru Joe, in dissing the popular and venerable Warped Tour, missed an opportunity to celebrate the fact that DC-based band Full Minute of Mercury will be playing some dates? A. Because he's both fatuous AND ignorant. (Goos)

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