Friday, June 24, 2005

DCeptette: Green eggs and scam version

  1. It's been a while since we've done a little Page Sixy Item for the Blind, hasn't it? Well, then, here goes. Let this be a warning to you Harvardites, taking a summer off from the Kennedy School of Government. Next year, you'll be joined by at least one new and incoming student who is extremely unpleasant to be around. Mike Abdo wrote a book about this person, who currently works for a Democratic Senator from the mid-Atlantic who's best known for committing an act that would have gotten his ass thrown out of the The University without so much as a fare thee well. If you find yourself biding some time, you can figure out who. Anyhoo--be aware, your future classmate is a TOTAL--ehmm, let's just say s/he's a "try grammar" short of a Nelly album. Extremely unpleasant. Oh, and this person referred to your program as the "Kennedy School of Politics." So, look out, dumbass incoming to boot.
  2. So at the office, there's a box where we've been collecting foodstuffs for So Others Might Eat. But, when you walk by the box, the signage thereon says: "Please leave donations for / SO OTHERS MIGHT EAT IN THIS BOX." Looking at it, it makes it sound as if the organization is called "So Others Might Eat In This Box." Which doesn't sound like it would be an effective charity, giving people who are hungry food only so long as they eat that food in that box. And it's not that big a box. But the more I think about it, So Others Might Eat In This Box is actually a far superior idea than So Others Might Eat, because it combines the charity of SOME with evil and hilariousness.
  3. The controversy over the Tivoli Giant Parcel Pick Up lane: If you feel like you've missed the boat on the whole smoking ban thing, but you really want to get worked up in a lather over something that's exquisitely asinine, maybe it's for you! (DCist)
  4. But maybe this is the last throes, Wonkette. One long, last, decades-long, slow motion throe. We should, perhaps, relax on a throe pillow, you and I? And sip some throe gin fizz? (Wonkette)
  5. TONIGHT: If you aren't seeing Behold!, head to Eyebar for Live Blog '05. Hosted by Kathryn On and the Rock Creek Rambler, it's a unique experience at which your favorite DC Bloggers will use their diaphragms to pass air over their vocal chords, thus creating (in theory) sonic vibrations that can be strategically shaped into communicative sounds using the mouth, lips, tongue, teeth, nose and palate. Can they pull this off? We're guessing yes, but it's going to get awfully awkward once listeners start trying to staple comment streams to everybody's uvulae. 6-9pm.


Kathryn Is So Over said...

Thanks for the notice - which I just noticed. Live Blog was fun, wish you could have joined us!

Kevin said...

Perhaps Jason might be so kind as to pimp another local actor's show...