Friday, June 03, 2005

DCeptette: Green flashes and college rule version

One down, three to go. Backstage, Sanctuary Theatre. Posted by Hello

  1. Read the City Paper's Karen Feld article last night. So Big Yawn. Snoresville. Lacking in buzz. I seem to recall covering the same ground many months ago, except I was vastly funnier and much much briefer. This should be a surpise to no one, however. Garrett Graff said: "...we have never seen a mocking as merciless." Hey, Garrett, I was just as surprised as you that DCist ran it. Just lay back, and try to enjoy it. (City Paper)
  2. Is there anything tackier than commemorative car magnets, a trend that developed from that mecca of cultural rectality, Northern New Jersey, and immigrated here? Yes. Having a Craigslist flamewar about them.
  3. What? That's traditionally the bass player's job! (Craigslist)
  4. Mara Salvatrucha members go cuckoo bananas with machetes again. Or at least they are "suspected in the attack". I suppose it could have been the work of deranged fans of The Mosquito Coast. (Post)
  5. And of course, DC gets fully shafted on the stadium deal. Mayor Williams is only willing to back to least attractive private financing plan, because he wants the political cover while at the same time wanting to kill any possibility that taxpayers won't carry the entire burden (wait and see: He'll find a way to saddle residents with the cost-overruns, yet.) Linda Cropp isn't willing to call him out or do much fighting for her own proposal because she needs the political cover even worse and really didn't give a shit about the taxpayers in the first place. Years from now, when the luster of the new stadium has faded and the Nationals have faded into small-market, moribund obscurity whose games, like the Senators games of yore, are attended primarily by fans of the visitors and b-level political/corporate cronies, I'm sure we'll look back on this and laugh. (WTOP)

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