Friday, June 10, 2005

DCeptette: I gotta admit, Chris, I'm really loving the new version of "Clocks" version

  1. First things first: thank you City Paper! That's like, a DREAM review. All frames activated, all key demos targeted! (CityPaper)
  2. Spent the day yesterday with the new Coldplay record. What a funny band: I pretty much accept, even encourage, all the criticism that's levied in the Coldplay Backlash of 2005. And yet, I totally heart them. Though not as much as Hugh T. Owen. Never as much as he. I love what you guys have done with "Clocks", even though birds don't really fly that fast. I'm also enjoying the "Square One" and the "Talk." "Fix You" practically begged me to despise it when it kicked in, but it eventually won me over. And I really love the bonus track, which I think is titled "Hey, Bono, I Found That Thing You Were Looking For, You Left It In Joshua Tree National Park." Yeah, I can probably name 25 records out this year that are better, but X&Y is, without a doubt, the best Coldplay record of the year.
  3. Funny you should mention the Downing Street memo, James. Because this whole matter of the racist Band Camp bar that just cannot ever be named sort of reminds me of that time these cats in the guvvamint were all hot and desperare to build this case for attacking somebody, but, finding that the facts didn't quite square with the case they were trying to build, so they started selectively framing evidence and omitting key details and sometimes making shit up out of whole cloth. The comment stream has been enlightening as far as how some people can be easily subverted: a lot of those folks, were I standing with them on the street on a sunny cloudless day, would shout me down for saying it wasn't raining, contending: "Look, it's rained in Washington before, ergo, it's raining right now!" I used to love your blog, dude--many days, I still do--but it's not the same since I've noticed the creeping dissembly. Why don't you tell me the name of the bar, and I will tell people where it is and not to go there, capiche? Anyway, I can sympathize living off Cleveland/Danville on that side of the highway--those apartments back there are fuckin' squalid. (YI8DC)
  4. Charges have come down against Andre Suggs, aka Semi-Naked Bike Stealing Bitey Man. He would have made an awesomely bad comic book villain. (Post)
  5. UGH! Fuck! Fuck! Gross! Yeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhh! (casual Craigslist browsing leads to vomit launch)


Hugh said...

Underused said...

That's fucking disgusting. Jesus Titty Fucking Christ, that's disgusting.

The Deceiver said...

You speak of item 5, I take? Yeah. It almost made me uneat my breakfast. Unspeakably foul.

Underused said...

Yeah. That's one of those things that I wish I didn't know about. Invariably, I'm going to bring this story up this weekend in conversation, thus taking home the Inappropriate Comment Of The Year Award.