Thursday, June 02, 2005

DCeptette: Strangled by the stereo wire version

  1. About a year and a half ago, Big Yawn launched itself at the Staccato Lounge with the promise of boosting the local music scene. Since then, they've mainly occupied themselves with being a pre-K version of Pitchfork for people who can't spell the word "pitchfork" and creating alternative backstories for Brendan Benson. The DCeiver, of course, has long wondered how a site that's named for a state of comtemptuous ennui would be a boost to the local music scene, but after learning the names of a few local bands and discovering the existence of DC9, they're gonna give it a try at last. Tonight, at DC9, see 302 Acid, Jakuta and Carl and the Fatales, who are hoping you'll keep the yawning to a minimum. (Big Yawn)
  2. The DCeiver hearts the Staten Island ferry and the rest of the Circle Line fleet, who, when not crashing into things are shuttling commuters hither and yon. There's a quiet civility to commuting by ferry--in NYC one can enjoy a beer on the deck, collect one's thoughts and ease into the evening as the sights of the city roll by. Now, there are murmurings of ferry service coming to Washington, DC. Let it be so! (Post)
  3. See what I missed during the Week of Endless Previews! (DCSOB)
  4. The Smithsonian is "distancing" itself from a film on "creationism" that will play at the Museum of Natural History. But why? A comedy series is just what the staid museum needs to stay relevant in our irony-besotted pop-cultural landscape. Even now, the Diner Media Empire is readying a pitch for the "Shit We Just Made Up Off The Tops of Our Heads While Soused" series. (Post)
  5. Stare DCisis. The next cool DCist column. (DCist)


tom said...

saw 302 acid at fort reno a couple of years ago. pretty godawful.

ilb said...

Best Archers of Loaf song EVER.