Monday, June 06, 2005

DCeptette: When are we gonna torch the restaurant version.

DC's gates make Christo's look like a bunch of pussies! Posted by Hello

  1. I'm worried about what might happen when the Prince Cafe and Hookah and the Queen's Cafe and Hookah across the street start feuding with each other. Surely there will be many who will stand by the Queen out of fealty, but there will be those attracted to the upstart Prince in his new digs at the old Arbor space. Can Adams Morgan handle the folderols that will ensue? Will Adams Morgan even notice? Will Virginians be blamed? And if so, will that make Yuda cry?
  2. Hey, wasn't this dude at Tonic two weekends ago? (Craigslist)
  3. It's so cute when Eric gets all mad at me. He and his friend "Bob Geldorf" totally went to see Monopoli, like, a month ago, and they have got all sorts of misty water-colored memories about it and stuff. I guess evidence of absence does not mean absence of evidence after all. (The inexplicably named Big Yawn)
  4. Embarrassing. But not as embarrassing as Robert Steinbuch, who pays top dollar to get teabagged. (FishbowlDC)
  5. MARC riders of the world, unite! Our gulags aren't going to fill themselves, you know! Though the plumbing of those gulags almost do fill it turns out, they're totally stuffed with Korans! Someone owes Newsweek a big ol' apology! (DCist)

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Jake said...

That sign really is pretty badass. Maybe that's where DC gets its reputation for being unfriendly!