Wednesday, June 01, 2005

May 2005--A Month of DCeption in Retrospect

Pardon us for taking a hiatus of sorts. It's not good for us on many levels. The Diner, poor dear, is now back to being more on hiatus than otherwise. Though we're working through our issues there. DCeiver remains ever resolute, but we've had a busy effing week, kids. The week of the Endless Previews culminating last night from the opening of Behold! to the close of Wonderland. I woke up today feeling like I might crash the car for lack of sleep.

Lucky, today is an evening off from Behold! We pick up again on Thursday, and then run run run all June (details here). I think I have made the following decision: if you can't enjoy Behold! then there is something deeply stinking rotten wrong with you. It's all about pure enjoyment and laughing until you cream yourself. Sooner or later, some pretentious tosspot critic's gonna write about how the people who enjoyed themselves last night didn't really enjoy themselves, but you should not allow yourself to believe them. Those pretentious types have ruined the concept of Pure Enjoyment and replaced it with plodding cynicism and bittercakes, and asked you to slake your thirst on an arid goblet full of irony. Do not fall for it. See Behold!, and, as Hugh might say: Laugh your tits off.

Now...what the fuck happened last May?

  • Before you go nuclear, get ready. Wife of DCeiver attended a Disaster Barbecue this past weekend--homemade Chicken Tikka Masala and a double feature of The Day After and the Day After Tomorrow. The end won't come like that. It'll look a lot more foolish.
  • DC Bachelor makes a bid to have his face posted next to the dictionary definition of "paltry."
  • The series finale of Crossfire looms in the distance, like your pedophile uncle who's hobbies include huffing Lysol and hurting America.
  • Remember: Robert Steinbuch is an awkward deviant who pays for it.
  • Pygmalion In A Blanket? Officially on the syllabus!
  • It's perhaps called an Opthalrectomy--removing the connection between your eyes and your asshole to improve your shitty fucking outlook. James, see if your HMO covers it.
  • Like I said: The Next Big Thing.
  • Jonathan Yardley doesn't quite know what to make of The Washingtonienne.
  • Dissing Lauriol Plaza is the new Dissing Lauriol Plaza!

See you in June! Behold!, bitches!


cuff said...

A great list, recalling fond moments of reading. Thank you. The Yardley Run Down was great.

Blue Fish, Red Pond said...

Always my favorite blog read. Another great month of posts.

The Governess said...

Emails this morning:

And then I was all like DCEIEVER LIKES US. HE REALLY LIKES US AND STUFF. And then she was all OH MY GOD I AM SO PROUD.

yr the best, Mister D!