Friday, June 17, 2005

Scarlett's Walk

This tale of a narrow escape from the clutches of harm-doing swarms is a Schindler's List for 2005.

Nevertheless, we've probably lost Katie forever.


Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise is creepy. I always did think he had big scarey teef. Someone sound the "all clear" when he's gone, not the "getting clear" alarm from his Scientology. ~~Washington Cube

The Deceiver said...

I've read that he's recently reached some level of Scientological batshititude that allows him to "know and understand the secrets of the universe." They should ship his ass to Gitmo!

Anonymous said...

Yeesh. Tom Cruise is the next Michael Jackson. I remember as a kid wanting to be famous and am now so glad I am not. It's scary how these people morph into these creepy phantasmic gouls. They're not even human anymore.

Working on a show that had a character who had been in a cult a few years back, I learned an interesting and frightening little tidbit about Scientology. There was a website/organization. . . I forget the name of it. . . I will post again if and when I remember. . . but it was a cult watchdog site. . . where they listed the names of religious/cultish organizations they deemed suspect or dangerous. Scientology, of course, was one of these groups. . . Scientology sued this group for libel and won. And now, Scientology runs and owns this website.

Kool-Aid anyone?