Monday, June 06, 2005


(still shot from The Towel That Swallowed Sebastopol, with Karl Miller as The Towel, left, and Mark Sullivan as the innocent newsboy Corky Gillenhand.) Posted by Hello

Hola, DC! How's the friendliest city on the Atlantic Coast living? Here's hoping your weekend was great despite the Official Arrival of the Humidity. Saints be praised for the late arrival.

First order of business. This date must be saved: June 30, 2005. Why? Can't tell you why. At least not yet. But soon. Very soon. In the meantime, clear your decks, commence carbo-loading, and cancel that rehearsal dinner right now.

After a day off on Wednesday, we resumed our regular Behold! schedule on Thursday. The Post has offered you their tepid semi-endorsement of our work--I can only respond by encouraging you to come--and don't do it for my sake, do it FOR YOURS! You need enjoyment, do you not? We offer seventeen different flavors thereof, and are adding more by the day!

It was a lovely and friendly time this weekend. Friday, we surprised Mark Sullivan at his own Castle Fun Fun on U Street. The policy of the party required friends to not offer Mark any birthday wishes of any kind in advance of the party. This is not typically a tactic the DCeiver endorses--we've seen it backfire, spectacularly, before. Nevertheless, Sullivan went all day Thursday without a birthday mention and arrived home Friday night convinced that nobody remembered and informed that an angry ex-girlfriend awaited him in his bedroom. (Honestly, I'm surprised this story rang as plausible. All I can say is that his housemates are very skilled in the means of DCeption.) How surprised he was to find us all waiting in said bedroom! And how fucking hot was said bedroom! Really, very hot! We were, really, very sweaty! But Mark was very happy, and perhaps only momentarily disappointed that he'd not be able to spin some nobody-remembered-my-birthday/recent-breakup-anger sex for himself.

Speaking of Mr. Sullivan, wife of DCeiver and I also saw Big Death and Little Death at Woolly this weekend and came away impressed. I don't usually go for plays that blend heavy doses of unreality with fractured narratives--I find such narratives normally serve as crutches for playwrights who lack the talent to sustain a sense of weirdness with a throughline. But Mickey Birnbaum's dark comedy is a strangely buoyant balloon of nihilism punctured often by humor and delight and the acting is jus fantastic throughout. Woolly's new theatre is a really exciting space--a blend of tradition and daring that reminds me of the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. Big Death and Little Death runs through next weekend--the nihilistic tones won't suit everyone, but I encourage you to see it. Next weekend, I'll hopefully get to check out Headsman's Holiday at Theatre Alliance. People are saying that Headsman's and Behold! make a great double feature.

The DCeiver wishes to extend the best of wishes to the lovely and talented Rachel Gar-El and her family.


Anonymous said...

Are you bitter that your role gets nary a mention in the Post's review?

The Deceiver said...

Nah. There's just no place for bitterness doing this stuff. You start to get bitter about it, the cure is easy: stop acting. I wouldn't trade going out there those nights and doing my thing for anything.

As far as press goes, from here until the show closes, my concern is a team concern. What can be done to get people out to see the show. I'm only concerned about how press might affect people coming to see the play. A chance to sell is a chance to play again.

The day after the show closes, I can start to concern myself with the "me" stuff. Press wise, I've been praised and I've been excoriated, and I'd bet you that I'll get plenty of both in the future. Right now, I'm about the "we" stuff--just pulling for the show to do well, and going out there each night to help the group bring it to life. The rest of it just takes care of itself.

DCepticon said...

I think that the truth must be told and that is the dceiver puts forth a fully realized and quiet cativating performance in BEHOLD! Mega-kudos and such for a beutiful piece of comic acting.

The Deceiver said...

Thanks, DCepticon. And you are similarly excellent in BIG DEATH AND LITTLE DEATH. But, let's mutually acknowledge both our biases and the fact that half this city thinks we're the same person.

DCepticon said...

And when they can't get one of us the other one will do. I like that about us. But you can be the tall one today.

The Deceiver said...

I'm a little bummed out that Grady hasn't emerged to call us both charlatans. Maybe he's waiting for a special occasion.

DCepticon said...

Let me try and invoke his spirit. Oh great arbiter of all that is proper on the web, please come and kick our asses and tell us we are cave dwelling trolls.
That should do it.