Tuesday, July 05, 2005

All the news that's fit to crossbrand.

I just saw a tease for the Fox News at Ten while watching the Simpsons. "Tonight, after House..." Fox will be reporting on a local "Medical Mystery." So, Fox is crossbranding their reports with what's on TV--not in and of itself overwhelming news, but what was at least whelming is just how brazen and crass the attempt is--the Fox News graphic spelled out "Medical Mysteries", and an animated box drew itself around the second "M", just like the TV show.

Of course, the practical upshot is that if we can pitch Hugh Laurie and Pamela Anderson in a new half hour sitcom called The Downing Street Sex Memos, maybe they'll cover that on the news. We can only wait, and hope.


Anonymous said...

don't you watch 24? they tease terrorism stories during every single episode. and they promote stories about new herpes treatments during the simple life.

The Deceiver said...

Ha! :)