Monday, July 11, 2005

DC, friendlier than Chicago.

Pygmalion in a Blanket reports that Chicagoans are judgemental douchebags.

FYI: Tongue planted semi-in cheek. But I read books on the Metro because I LIKE TO LEARN.

Bonus: Their public art is totally Gee to the Aitch-ee-why.

That said: nothing like a Neo-Futurists' show.



dcsob said...

eeh, probably a tourist.

The Governess said...

totally a tourist, not a chicagoan. they got off at o'hare with the rest of us douchebags.

PS, DCeiver, learning is for suckers. ;)

James said...

D.C. is way friendlier than Chicago. I don't know why anyone in their right mind would want to live in Chicago over D.C.

Washington Cube said...

They have larger kielbasa's there?

The Deceiver said...

Chicagoans are an interesting breed, my favorite Chicagoan being the late Mike Royko. Tough as nails, that guy. Effing brilliant, too.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the italian beef sandwiches of Chicago.