Tuesday, July 12, 2005

DCent Days and Nights: The Music All Up In Your Neighborhood

Bluestate this past weekend: so hott. We had a mucho grande time, though we had to depart before the festivities ended. Though we were there for the Great Fuse Blowing, and are inclined to agree--darkness makes everything better. We got to see many familiar faces and meet some new ones, such as the in town Boi from Troy and the around town Holly Tegeler (one-half of Razzmatazz, and, it should be said, one of those sorts of people that you automatically assume is super-nice who turns out to be even superer-nicer than you thought.) The Bluestaters, from what I heard in person and read about later, played their hottest set yet, IMHO. It's rumored that their upcoming Saint-Ex gig will feature the Bluestate Battles, so we'll keep you posted. One minor quibble: all those gigs and "Common People" is yet to get dropped? Preposterobvs.

I feel bad. Why? Because I fell asleep at the switch and failed to pimp a June show from the lads of Park Police, who played Chief Ike's. Bad DCeiver. Well, we're eyeing them closely now, in the hopes that their first full-length, Ranchero, gets completed this summer. You may remember the Park PoPo from last March--we did a little artwork for the Brice Woodall/Paul Kamran/Park Police show. At the time, we said they were a "...Classic three-piece, all members trading off lead and backing vocals, the tunes showing fantastic range and stuffed to the gills with hooks and insane energy." We'll tell you of their new record's approach, meantimes download "Mission Song" and "Down With Control" from their site.

There's news related to the others on that March bill. If I understand it correctly, Brice and his family are soon to relocate to Chicago. The good news is that the Kanye collabs are so imminent. The bad news is that there are only a few opportunities to see Brice before he lights out. Memorize: July 18 at the Black Cat with Pontiak. July 31 at DC9 with Sianspherics and A Northern Chorus.

Paul, meanwhile, continues to blog the making of his new album. It's being recorded in his home studio and at Bias, and drum tracks are being laid even as you read this. If you've got a curiosity for it, or want to leave a question or a comment, go over there. A rough mix of "Bleeding Hearts" is taking shape via MP3--if you want to follow the process of the song coming together, piece by piece (which is, I think, the value-added edumacational bonus), check it out from time to time. This is the story so far. Other downloads are the demo versions of "Pure", "Rosary", and "...for California." (First two download indirectly from the WaPo MP3 site.)

According to the most recent news, it looks like local fans of Franz Ferdinand will be left waiting, perhaps until after the new year for them to put in appearance in town. October could still shape up in our favor, but they, like many others, are setting their trajectory to get them to Texas for Austin City Limits at the end of September, and they're due in Europe on October 28. If you can't wait, they hit MSG on October 17.

Color me tempted...


ilb said...

I'm always hesitant to drop the obvs. Brit Pop smash when we play opposite Mousetrap. But we keep getting requests for them, so I guess it's not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

i adore holly too! but, to be fair - razzmatazz is actually amanda and william alberque! www.williamalberque.co.uk - holly did guest once, and has made their most recent, amazing flyer. but, all must give props to william and amanda for making that night kick ass!

The Deceiver said...

Sorry for the mistake! Look for the DJ stylings of Ms. Tegeler anywhere you see The Holiday Girl advertised.

the holiday girl said...

true dat.