Thursday, July 21, 2005

DCent Days and Nights

Hey, Washingtonians. Do you fancy yourself some Keane but sort of wonder what they might be like if they weren't so relentlessly...what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, yeah! Pussified? To borrow from the vernacular of our extraordinary colleague Catherine? Your solution can be found locally in the form of Army Of Me. They've been playing on solid tickets at home and abroad, and were recently honored by Alternative Press as July's Unsigned Band of the Month. Army of Me will be playing this Sunday on DC101's Local Lix Live show at Lulu's (22+M NW) at 8:30. Go listen to or obtain some AoM here.

As near as I can tell, venerable Fairfax Rock City band emmet swimming hasn't played together live since a November 2004 show at the Music Center. And the last time they released a studio LP, Clinton was still ensconced in the White House and everyone was a lot happier. Well, if you want to sate your nostalgic yearnings for evenings spent at Planet Nova, you're in luck. The band has just announced a gig at the 9:30 club for August the 26th. Tickets are all onsale and shit Thursday morning (as in today) at 10AM. And if you want to complete the experience by getting tickets to see the emmet swimming of Richmond, Virginia, Carbon Leaf, you can do that too.

Last week we spoke of Park Police. We've since heard from Policeman Pat Wescott, who's told us that their new CD is out for pressing and its arrival is imminent. In the meantime, if you'd like to check them out, you should drag you ass up to Meridian Hill Park this Saturday for the Existian Music Festival, which may sound like something sponsored by the Katie Holmes Church of the Perpetual Mind Buggery but is actually a free show featuring 11 bands from 12-9pm, with what's sure to be a toilet-shattering afterparty at Chief Ike's following hard upon.

Dilemma of the month: What does the DCeiver do on his birthday? Chelsea v. DC United in Raljon, or Travis Morrison Hellfighters at Fort Reno? Please submit suggestions or solutions. And bear in mind, unlike some of you out there, I am not actively seeking to have sex with any of the aforementioned parties.

If there's any band out there right now who's likely to be the beneficiary of the career propulsion produced by a blogosphere-wide pants-creaming--akin to what happened with the Arcade Fire last year--I'd say it's likely to be Movable Hype darlings Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who effortlessly recapture the tangled, shimmery pop that made the Talking Heads so great in a about eighteen different ways. Currently touring with The National, there's no word yet on possible dates in the DC area. However, the band promises that "there are MANY more [dates] to be added in the coming days." We'll keep an eye on it and hope for the best.


The Governess said...

i'm intrigued by clap you rhands say yeah. i'd like to see them should they limp their way into the nation's cap, if only to see if they live up to it all.

also, go see travis morrison! i am! because it's sweltery outside, and they dance, and....and... well, i can't really think of other reasons besides that. no record coming from them, you know.

Cruel Hazel said...

ooooh... I have a whole new slew of bands to listen to now, bless your heart.
Good luck on your birthday plans. I'd lean toward Raljon, but that's just me.

tom said...

Best Carbon Lead summary I've ever heard.

I disagree on CYHSY, tho. Just seems like the Talking Heads to me (are they ever compared to anyone else?). While I know I *ought* to really love the TH, I just... don't. I know, the shame, the shame.

Of the two current buzz bands (perhaps grouped only in my mind, since I acquired the albums on the same day) I'm a lot more impressed by Architecture in Helsinki's CD (the first half, anyway).

tom said...

Leaf! Carbon Leaf, dammit!

Anonymous said...

Please go to the concert at Ft. Reno park. Thanks.

red state-blues city said...

DCeiver, I rarely get the urge to lay the smack down on you, but this time, your facts are badly in error (and so are your oppinions)
I've never seen emmet swimming. I can't dis them, even though I want to.

However, comparing Carbon Leaf, who put out an album with some of the best tracks I've heard in years on it just last summer, and who tour relentlessly, with a band who hasn't played or recorded in foever, is WRONG!!!!!
I know, you got no love for the Leaf.
Crap-cakes. Double crap-cakes on you.
Indian Summer's first 7 tracks rock, and they only get truly noodle-tastic in the last two tracks. Thier live shows have become one of the only things keeping me afloat here in the dim, dirty, backwards depths of the south.
This is a band that has shown something you rail on other bands for failing at, musical growth. If you haven't heard/seen them in a few years, you no longer know what you're missing, and missing it is your loss.
Still much love.

The Deceiver said...

RS/BC: I never had much more than like for the Leaf, true. But I wasn't so much comparing Leaf and emmet musically as much as I was holding them comparable in terms of what they meant to their respective scenes (and how they each relate to the rest of the world). In that sense, Carbon Leaf truly were the emmet swimming of Richmond.

PK said...

Would that make Cracker the Fugazi of Richmond?

PK said...

Or rather, on second thought, the Evens of Richmond?

Underused said...

Carbon Leaf sucks some sweaty fucking nuts. They played at my fraternity in college and did a fucking John Denver cover. Yep, you guessed it: Country Roads. I died a little inside. They gave me a free CD b/c I had a WV driver's license. I have given that CD to, and received it back from, no less than 3 people who thought it best not to have that piece of shit in their collection.