Thursday, July 14, 2005

DCeptette: Electric chairs and dynamos version

  1. See those girls? They're heaven blessed. I guess it's so they know best. (Pygmalion In A Blanket)
  2. Crap. LAist must be stopped. They will ruin it for us. (LAist)
  3. So the MPD ran a trio of Borfs to ground yesterday, causing a million pretentious art-school dropout addlebrains to bemoan their outcast fate simultaneously. (DCist)
  4. Uh oh. Rehnquist is hospitalized again. Meanwhile, somewhere in Washington, a roomful of Republican strategists are asking themselves, "What's the opposite of a feeding tube?" (DCist)
  5. Grrrsh, okay...but only if you promise to bring your balding bookworm beanpole friend! (Craigslist)


Blue Fish, Red Pond said...

"thick, short, luxurious brown hair."

What Outback hostess wouldn't fall head over heels?

DCepticon said...

I have often thought to myself that the hostesses at the Outback were far supperior to those at Ruby Tuesdays. Now that I can get three (or is four) of them at a time I will forgo that angioplasty I has schdeuled put on my best grey t-shirt and head on over.

The Governess said...

the best part was when my high school dance team once, certainly on accident, used it in a routine alongside "jock jams."

I almost peed myself.