Friday, July 29, 2005

DCeptette: Sylvia, you're such a gas version

  1. Hey, if anyone out there said a month ago that the Wizards would get more in a trade for Kwame Brown than the Redskins would in a trade for Rod Gardner, take a bow. Sixth round draft pick? Sheesh. I think a part of Patrick Ramsey's soul dies with each passing day. (Post)
  2. I know the aggrieved party in this Craigslist posting seems to have drawn an airtight conclusion on how he came to harbor a fungal colony on his person, but consider this: in his own words, he apparently whips out his joint every time he "meet[s] someone hot." I'm thinking it's lifestyle choices, dude. Lifestyle choices. (Craigslist)
  3. Paging Scott Reitz: we have your new Eating In column. (Craigslist)
  4. Seriously: we can all agree that there aren't enough books to throw at this woman. There's no shortage of bricks, though. (NBC)
  5. Mayor Anthony Williams has been selected as one of the world's top mayors, and will compete in World Mayor's field of 64. Our prediction: he goes out in the second round to Ying-jeou Ma. We have David Miller, Newsom, Akiba and Vreeman in our Final Four. Seriously, Vreeman is, like, the Gonzaga of Mayors. That is, the Gonzaga that was good as opposed to the Gonzaga that is ordinary. We think anyway. (World Mayor)


DCepticon said...

Who will win the Joan Crawford Mother of the Year Award.

a.) Crazy mom who hits 4 year old with car and then drives off.

b.) Crazy mom who swaps kids in out of her trunk during 12 hour drive so dog has a seat up front.

or c.) Crazy mom who threw drug and alcohol orgies for her sons friends so he could be popular.

I can't wait.
Christina bring me my axe.

Anonymous said...

I'd kill to see a toxicology report for MOTY candidate A.

Washington Cube said...

But ya are Blanche, ya are Mothah of the year.