Wednesday, July 20, 2005

DCeptette: They might dress cool but they're as lame as hell version.

  1. I think that regardless of whether you are a conservative or a liberal, a man or a woman, a haberdasher or a toreador, there's one thing that every single American can agree on when it comes to Supreme Court nominee John Roberts--he's easily the choicest slice of pure fuckability to hit the SCOTUS in our lifetime. The Supreme Court definitely gave their stamp of approval to sodomy in the nick of time, didn't they? You know who the big loser is in yesterday's nomination? Jeff Gannon. Had he kept a lower profile earlier in the year, he might have been part of the announcement gaggle yesterday night, and who knows? Maybe he'd be using his tongue to swear out a red-hot writ of habeas corpus. (CNN)
  2. Seriously, ESPN. I'm with Tony Williams on this one. Or, more accurately, he's with me. You can't call yourself a credible network of Sports reporting and sleep on DC. So suck it up and bring the District a sweet ass sports profile. Gibbs and Unseld, college and high school hoops, Bruce Arena, the whole baseball saga. It'll be good television, don't you worry. Now that that's settled, Mayor Williams, I suggest you get on the red phone and give that fucker Sufjan Stevens a call as well. (WTTG)
  3. DC Bachelor is now the 7,084,567th person to board the Gawker backlash bandwagon. Remember its heyday, back in, what, November of 2004? Of course, there are layers of irony. I mean, if you've got nothing to say other than to cite Page Six, I'd say that maybe your thoughts on the originality of other ventures aren't exactly worth noting. Additionally, when that Page Six article describes Jess Coen as a backstabbing bootlicker, it's surprising that DCB doesn't realize he's one cutlery purchase away from finding a soulmate. (DC Bachelor)
  4. The Nabob of Pygmalion In A Blanket adds to the collected letters of highbrow film criticism with a dissertation on the motif of blue lightning in the movies. Proving once again that Cahiers du Cinema is for assholes. (So sayeth the PIAB)
  5. Hey, Going Out Gurus, I'll happily mail you a fucking game of Boggle if it'll increase your word power and shit, and help you avoid using the same headline on back-to-back posts. (Dumberer and Dumberest)

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Blue Fish, Red Pond said...

Another example of those devious Manhattan blogs stealing from the DC suburbs!!! Gather ye pitchforks and meet me at the New York Ave. Greyhound Depot.
If I actually read DCBachelor, I'd totally steal from him.