Thursday, July 07, 2005

DCeptette: You shouldn't have fucked with Old Blighty version

  1. First things first: condolences go out to those who lost a loved one today; strength is wished for everyone in London still dealing with the tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with Great Britain tonight. If you want to pass along your regards, head over to Londonist and leave a comment. (Londonist)
  2. You know, many in DC treat the intern class with jowly derision. So young, so bright-eyed, so out of their depth. But I say: we must and should praise our intern brethren. For tomorrow, the great mountain of labor that awaits me shall be molehillized with the help of who? Interns, that's who. And when it looked as if I wouldn't have next Sunday off to bask in relaxation, and all hope seemed lost, who stepped in to save the day? Another set of interns! So, for those of you about to tie ribbon around 250 identical sets of branded giftcards, I salute you. And for those of you who will be hanging up gigantic photographs in the Russell Senate Office building this coming Monday, I honor you as well. You interns work hard, you bring a go-getter attitude to the workplace, and you do it for the LOVE. And while that love is not something you can eat, maybe, or clothe yourselves in, or take shelter inside, or bring with you to the track as I place a few strategically reckoned exacta wagers, that love is indeed a good thing. Not a great thing--you can sell a great thing and get some beer money--but a good thing. And sometimes, a good thing is enough. That'll do, interns. That'll do.
  3. So, out in MoCo, two churches want to build in the county's agricultural reserve. That is not in itself a problem: there are small exceptions that can be made. But both churches want to build massive on land that's been shielded from development. As you'd expect, the various politicos are straining at the bit as they attempt to size up the situation and answer a few questions. Questions like: Just how much should I pander? And how hard? Should I get a funny hat or learn me some hymns? You get the feeling that it's going to be a veritable eBay auction of sucking up. Montgomery County Council member George Leventhal accidentally tells the truth, saying: "If it were not a church, I don't think we would have a problem saying no." Hmmm. Here's a suggestion, George, if there are some fucking rules that have been established governing the development of the reserve, then state what they are, so everyone's clear on it. Then, you can sit back and stop worrying because churches are places where everyday Americans learn to be polite and well-behaved and value following the rules. If it turns out that one of these churches wants to BREAK one of the clearly stated rules, well, then--they aren't a very good church, are they? And, lo, learning to say no should turn out to be easy like Sunday morning. (Post)
  4. Newsworthy because of the heroism of citizenry or the relative affluence of the neighborhood? You tell me. (Post)
  5. Someone's having a missed connection with having a life, it seems, but we hope it works out for the sake of research. (Craigslist)


jordan said...

I saw on Real Life in the ER or whatever it is last weekend where they had this bouncer in for a stab wound, but he was on PCP, so they had two of those flat boards duct-taped to him, one on either side, but when they tried to take them off in the ER to treat him, he went beserk. So one of the doctors injects him with something...a medicine (aka poison) designed to stop his heart, or breathing or something. But it takes a minute to work. So this guy with a stab wound in his back, feeling no pain, goes running out of the hospital, with this doctor chasing him with a portable intubator kit. The guy appears to get on a bus, and I think then they cut to commercial.

Fortunately, the guy collapses right next to the driver, and it was one of those buses without steps, so I guess it all worked out.

The Deceiver said...

Holy shit!

That must have been surreal, indeed.