Thursday, July 21, 2005

ESurance--the rates aren't high, but you sure are.

DC is home to many fly-by-night, low rent rendezvous car insurance companies, and we know them by their commercials. The straight-out-tha-strip club insurance dancers of the old Gebco commercials being perhaps the most famous. I mean, if you find yourself unable to get reputable insurance, you'd think that it'd be time to reflect on your life and the actions you took to bring yourself to this lowly state. Gebco's philosophy, on the other hand was "Forget your troubles, come on, and get a foot up between Tina's buttery ass."

There's another one now with commercials of even lesser production value that feature the tagline: "Tell those other insurance companies to kiss your bumper!" Yeah. Leaving aside the similar need for self-reflection, I don't think that leaving "Kiss my bumper!" on an answering machine is going a long way to sticking it to State Farm.

Tom, over at Unrequited Narcissism, however, reminds us today of the newest and, I daresay, classiest of this breed, eSurance, who's commercials are cartoons in the vein of Kim Possible featuring a spy named Erin, eluding evil agents and tipping the same old Schmoe off about how eSurance is all like, hella convenient and shit.

Browse on out to the eSurance site and you can take in some cartoons that didn't make the late-night TV cut, including my favorite:

Serials. Gotta love someone that'll save some green. And it looks she's up in the Pacific Northwest, there, too, don't it. Clearly, she's on a double secret background assignment from Method Man.

Be sure to tune in for the next adventure: "Erin files a claim and carefully cleans the bongwater off the dashboard." Kiss my stash, just kiss it!


TLG said...


I'm sitting over here in Amsterdam having freakin' TV flashbacks now!


I remember that stupid "Kiss My Bumper" ad too and I left the States almost 4 years ago.

I guess I haven't smoked enough cannabinoids to kill those memories yet.

Better get back to work on that... ;)

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