Monday, July 04, 2005

June 2005--A Month of DCeption in Retrospect

Ahhh. Some much needed rest and relaxation was just what the DCeiver needed after the eventful June to recharge the batteries and get the brain rested for the rest of the summer. After Behold closed, body and mind were left somewhere on a Mount Pleasant rooftop to loll and chill and unwind. We're coming off 120 hours off of EVERYTHING, and it just feels great.

By now, you've heard about UNBUCKLED. In a word: fucking awesome. Holy shitcakes. Our fearless leader, Gothamist, sets a pretty clear standard--and their Movable Hype concert series is something we've long wanted to emulate here. After last Thursday, the DCists are still giddy and tickled by the response. I remember Catherine saying that she was hoping to get at least a hundred people to the show--we got twice that and then some. The Bicycle Thieves and Cartel played great, Kyle walked in with a boxful of free shit to give away, and some lucky attendees went home with T-Shirts and tickets to some hot 930 club action.

Much much praise to ther bands. Both the Bicycle Thieves and Cartel played fantastic. They kept the crowd transfixed the entire night. BT play some bright indie-pop, tuneful and literate with just a dash of back alley, urban feel in the mix. Heavy hearted at times, but never heavy handed. And Cartel were similarly fantastic--I can see how they get approached by many a critic waving a Coldplay brush, their songs have a textural elegance that's reminiscent of Coldplay--perhaps Interpol, moreso--but they're less pensive, more intimate...if you're worried you're listening too much to that Some Cities disc, a Cartel tune will put you in motion again.

Best of all, the guys in this band exhibited real polish and professionalism, and they were some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Good folks...sterling folks. It was a pleasure seeing them play the same bill and it'll be easy to root them on in the future. And props to the folks at Black Cat, who set the show up just about perfectly, getting great sound out of a tough room.

Speaking of, we learned this weekend that Mike Holden is getting married. Holden's so fluid at a live show, shaking hands while closing wedding prep deals. It's his element. When you're talking about nice people in town, though, Mike's a gem...a prince. A truly nice human being, and we wish him and his fiancee all the best and sincere congrats.

What a great weekend, picnics and cookouts and parties and seeing our father-in-law off to Belfast and the United winning on the road and coming to a decision on what me and Travis are going to spend the next year writing and seeing Sin City--finally!--on the big screen. But now it's time to put the head down over the chess pieces again.

And, hey, do you know what happens in three days?

DCeiversary, bitches!

But for now: June, in all it's glory.

  • I'm not the best example of what I'm talking about, but if you think DCers aren't a nice bunch of people, then you obviously haven't been ANYWHERE. I mean...Northern New Jersey to start. Florida, much? Angelenos? The Illadelph? I could go on and on and on. But I don't have to. I love living here.
  • Don't fuck with our gates, though.
  • Rock and Romp! Safe for kids, fun for you! Let's have more ideas like this.
  • Jessica Cutler really knows how to throw a fuckin' book signing!
  • The DC Smoking Ban--supported and opposed by extra-large a-holes.
  • Things are definitely looking up for the New York Times. Judith Miller is behind bars, and they've started quoting the DCeiver. Zeitgeist's got me on speed dial.
  • Learn how to imitate John Bolton and scare the everloving urine out of friends and enemies alike.

July is upon us, everyone. And July 7th is almost here!

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